Alexander Wang & Adidas Unisex Collaboration

By Sam Isaacs

The resurgence of unisex style and the rise of androgynous acceptance is in full effect this year and its influence can be found in any of your favorite fashion bibles. Whether it is Gucci combining their men’s and women’s fashion show back in April, or the emerging unisex brand TELFAR who specializes in breaking the barriers of gendered fashion, 2016 has certainly showed a more hopeful side of the fashion world’s ability to change with the social environment. One of fashion’s most notable and most recent run-in with a unisex collection was the legendary Alexander Wang meets Adidas Originals revealed at this seasons New York Fashion Week. The result? A minimal capsule collection made for the rebel in all of us.

“The Adidas Original by Alexander Wang collaboration subverts boundaries between fashion and streetwear. Flipping branding conventions, Wang rotates the Adidas Originals’ trefoil and “originals” logos upside down, becoming newly and defyingly symbolic” (Alexander Wang). The highly anticipated collection combines two of my favorite aspects of life: defiance and symbiosis. While an A. Wang and Adidas collaboration is not a concept too difficult to visualize, it is the creative and emotional nature of the collection that includes a track suit, T-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeves and an effortless sneaker that captures the unisex driven aesthetic. Within all of these pieces is a symbiotic look that combines minimalism and street wear as well as the traditional silhouettes of men’s and womenswear. The final designs really convey a simplistic product that leaves no room for labels or categorization – instead, the collection erases the sometimes heavily traced lines between society’s view on what women and men are limited to wear.

While the beauty of the collaboration can be found in the symbiotic nature of combining two opposites to make one final product, the heart of it all lies in deliberate defiance – in which I tip my favorite Adidas Originals hat off to Mr. Wang and his Adidas collaborators. The trefoil is an iconic symbol known and recognized by all in and out of the industry. In the hopes to smash the glass ceiling that binds our fashion experimentation to our gender, the creative minds behind the collection decided to turn our expectations on their heads, literally. This was a deliberate method of showing us that the boxed ideas that bring us comfort can be changed and flipped, much like the underlying purpose of unisex fashion.

Not only did this collaboration subvert all the boundaries of fashion, but it also took the pop-up concept to another level. Creative director Ferdinando Verderi conceived the idea to only sell the collection in pop-up trucks rather than the Adidas flagship store in SoHo, fostering the exclusive and almost-illegal feeling of purchasing clothing from a truck in the city. Breaking the rules is a clear concept this collection has effortlessly conveyed with a strategic touch of 90’s grunge meets sleek modern streetwear.

Getting your hands on this round of the release is near impossible at this point, but the sneakers are rumored to be released twice more in a different silhouette than the last. Now that I know what to expect, I can’t wait for more from the two of these iconic fashion houses.