The Row is Expanding into Footwear

By: Ziqi Gu


Exciting news has been announced by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen that they are finally going to launch shoes for The Row this May.

Mary-Kate Olsen told Footwear News, “Footwear was the natural next category for The Row. We want to provide our customers with all the essentials. We hope The Row shoe collection will do that.”

During The Row’s pre-fall presentation on Friday in New York, Mary-Kate and Ashley introduced their first footwear collection. The new collection comprises of seven different styles in various colors, fabrics and prints. The collection includes mules with an acrylic block heel and a chocolate-hue loafer. The shoes will be priced between $850 and $1,350, and will be sold at The Row’s existing retailers and at the brand’s retail stores.


Also, when checking out the newly posted pictures on The Row’s Instagram, the first glimpse at their shoes collection brings surprise. It is easily noticed that their new footwear collection is consistent with their modern and contemporary style. The shoes are simple, chic, and classic, working alongside many basic pieces within their collection.


Before working on footwear projects, the stylish duo gained experience in this field from working on various projects within the footwear industry. Ashley Olsen states, “We have worked with Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Barbara Shaum and Enzo Bonafè, among a few others. We wanted to approach footwear organically and have a better understanding of the market before launching an in-house shoe collection.” All in all, the addition of a footwear line to The Row is exciting to the fashion industry.

Photo: Allure

Photo 2 & 3: The Row

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