Top 5 Online Vintage Stores We All Need In Our Lives

By Kaela Anderson

We all know the struggle of finding that perfect vintage tee, or those comfortably worn-in classic denim jeans. Spending hours in stores and in dressing room after dressing room can be both frustrating and exhausting, especially after returning home empty handed when you can’t seem to find exactly the piece you’ve been searching for.

Luck for you, I’ve compiled a list of my go-to websites that I’ve labeled my good old reliable(s).

On a budget? Don’t worry, the following stores know we’re all balling on a budget and they’re here to save our a*ses, both literally and figuratively.

In order from $ to $$$, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Depop: Depop is mostly known in this kind of inner, lowkey, indie cool-kid circle. Although it’s officially an app and not a website, Depop has got it all for an insanely affordable budget. Not known for carrying designer brands, Depop is great when looking for a unique piece for that throwback-themed costume party, or just an everyday vintage band tee that’s a must have for your closet. Anyone can create an account and auction off anything from accessories to clothing, at any price. That being said, you can definitely hit the jackpot while scrolling.

  2. Asos: Asos is primarily known for its’ bright colors and crazy good sales, but a widely unknown fact about the U.K. based brand is that it has a vintage section! With a little of the mainstream circle of classic vintage brands, Asos offers a selection of about 20 brands for those who are willing to pull off some major bold looks- all at an affordable price.

  3. Farfetch: Reaching towards being out of budget is probably an understatement — but never forget about that sale section! Farfetch’s sale section truly does not disappoint. After filtering through thousands of items, of course adjusting the page to display from low to high, you’re able to find vintage designer jewelry for as little as $55. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it — and it’s definitely worth a shot.

  4. The Vintage Twin: Debatably over priced, The Vintage Twin comes in at number four for both practicality and accessibility. With a relatively new website, you’re now able to shop online, the site offers womens and mens apparel & accessories, as well as home furnishings. Based in New York City, The Vintage Twin has gained most of its following from local celebs coming into the store. The shop offers everything from classic vintage tees, to a “denim bar” where they personalized your very own vintage jeans to fit perfectly for you. That being said, most items are a bit more pricey than your everyday thrift store, but if you’re willing to spend the money it’s worth a peak!

  5. Treasures of New York City: By far the most expensive alternative for shopping vintage on this list, Treasures of New York City comes in at #5. With the title “Luxury Vintage Goods” in the bio of its homepage, naturally it's a bit intimidating — with an assumably high price point. Yes it’s out of my price range, but if you’re on the hunt for staple vintage luxury goods, their bio hasn’t mislead you. From hair accessories to full pieces, Treasures of New York City has those who can afford it covered.


Hopefully this helps narrow down some options for tailored just for you, with the sprinkle of vintage look you’re going for. It’s all about the subtle flex these days, while keeping your wallet full.