Best Spin Classes in Boston

Written by: Aya Albakoush


Just a few years ago spin studios where few and far, they were so scarce that they were almost exclusive. Today, Boston is flooded with a multitude of different spin studios to choose from. You may be thinking, there’s only so much you can do on a stationary bike, how could there be so many different studios that are successful? Here is a simple breakdown of some of the major spin studios in the city of Boston.



Location: 699 Boylston Street, Back Bay

Price: $22 per class

Shoe Rental: Free!

Cyc Back Bay is a new addition in the Boston spin scene, located in BSC Lab on Boylston Street. With a spacious studio, exciting atmosphere, colorful lights, and energetic instructors, this spin class is bound to give you that burst of energy your morning coffee might not have provided. The class is suitable for beginners and it’s really easy to follow along. It is a high intensity interval training (or HIIT for short) spin class that also incorporates tracks focusing solely on arms, but what Cyc does is split up the arm sets into two songs, allowing for a break in between.

Note: Cyc use Schwinn Spinning Bikes


The Handle Bar



Fenway: 1336 Boylston Street, Boston

Harvard Square: 1030 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

South Boston: 141 Dorchester Avenue, Boston

Price: $26 (students get $16 rides, and first-timers get a $10 ride!)

Shoe Rental: Free!

The minute you walk in, you sense a burst of energy that gets you pumped for the class. The staff is super sweet and the atmosphere makes you feel right at home. The classes are fun and well rounded, feeling like a full body workout, which other spinning classes sometimes lack. The instructors are extremely motivating and encouraging. On Thursdays they play a  Throwback Thursday playlist, who can complain about that? This class is suitable for people experienced in spin because it’s slightly harder than beginner level, but do not let that discourage you, because in these classes, people from all over, with different skill levels come and have a great time.

Note: The Handle Bar use Schwinn Spinning Bikes





Back Bay

Beacon Hill

Chestnut Hill



Price: $30 (First time riders, $25)

Shoe Rental: $3

The driver of the spin revolution. SoulCycle is the OG spin studio that feeds off of the idea of musicality and movement. SoulCycle is for those of you who have good stamina and some experience in any form of spinning. Its fast-paced structure can be overwhelming for newcomers, but that shouldn’t discourage beginners of spinning to join. The best thing about Soul Cycle is it’s a community: the goal is to feed off of each other’s energy in the class, rather than compete with one another!

Note: SoulCycle use their own SoulCycle Stationary Bikes


Flywheel Sports


Location: 800 Boylston Street, Prudential Center, Boston

Price: $30 (First class is $15)

Shoe Rental: Free!

For the competitive souls out there there is the perfect studio for you. Flywheel spin classes are a little different compared to other spin studios, in that they utilize technology and number scales to keep track of your progress in relation to other riders. Riders aren’t forced to participate in the leader board or even feel like they should compete, but the option is there for those that want it! Resistance and speed is instructed through numbers, rather than “adding up” on the resistance knob, which is perfect for those of you who enjoy knowing exactly where they should be and how hard to push. Flywheel is interesting because it’s definitely a HIIT workout, but it feels very unique compared to the others. The friendly staff, clean facilities, and incredible location (Prudential center) make this class worth it.

Note: Flywheel Sports use Schwinn Spinning Bikes