5 Things That Are Better Than Having A Significant Other On Valentine’s Day

By Jessica Fortier

You finally made it through the barrage of inquiries about your love life at holiday
family parties. As if that didn’t remind you enough about your single status, St. Valentine’s Day is coming up. But rather than feeling bitter and forever alone, you should adopt the Chinese celebration known as Single’s Day. This Chinese holiday is a commercial holiday, just like Valentine’s Day. Topping the online sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Single’s Day is a day dedicated to buying gifts for yourself. While this amount of consumerism is a bit over the top, I like the idea of celebrating yourself
and being happy with who you are. So instead of sulking remind yourself that there
are 5 things better than having a significant other on Valentine’s Day:

1. Netflix + Ben and Jerry’s + Pajamas

Declare a “Girls Night In” and watch a movie (or three) on Netflix with your friends. There is nothing better than being comfy and bonding over a movie marathon with your best buddies.


2. Girl’s Night Out

You are single, so live it up and have fun! Have a night out with your fellow single ladies and embrace your freedom.

3. Mac ‘n’ Cheese

If all else fails, there is always mac ‘n’ cheese. Mac ‘n’ cheese is the ultimate boyfriend: comforting, reliable, and easy on the eyes.

4. Awkwardly see 50 Shades of Grey with your best friends

Let’s be real. There is no possible way to watch this movie without being weird. There are three options 1) watch it by yourself 2) go with friends 3) watch it with your parents. Out of these three choices, 2 is the probably the best one because you can laugh off the awkwardness with your friends. This could be a regrettable choice as well (but at least you will have a laugh or two).

5. Wine & Cheese

Have some friends over for some wine and cheese. Step it up a notch from Velveeta and buy a “fancy” array of cheeses at Trader Joes.


Pictures from: womensfreesamples.com, popsugar.com.au, babble.com, officialfifty.com, idealsstore.com