It’s Socks O’Clock

By:  Ina Müller

Everyone has an opinion about socks (me included). For some it is the itchy thing your aunt always gets you for Christmas (and you secretly hide in the depths of your overflowing closet, year after year). For others it’s what grandpas pair with sandals and a walking stick. In any case, however, they should be a style statement that you happily show off!

It is a universal truth that in fashion, socks are a real thing to consider now. Socks are your best friend that magically transform the most boring outfit into something more. They are your dry shampoo for overslept mornings, your mac ‘n’cheese for hangovers– basically the thing to cling to when in fashion despair.

Confused about what this could look like? Take a look.

These it-girls just know how to work it! Eliot Sumner and Alexa Chung both sport their grey socks with a cool pair of brown brogues.

Sequined socks and the Reebok Classic Leather for a night out, and definitely makes you standout from the boring LBD and heels crowd. Glittery socks are also look great for your casual everyday look.

Socks can definitely spice up a simple pair of white sneakers.

These ladies are the perfect proof that even loafers and socks (think grandpa-style!) can look incredibly stylish! Model Agyness Deyn even makes white socks and loafers work.

Three Days of Style: Karli Brush

Name: Karli Brush

Major: Business

Year: Freshman

Day 1:


Oh, hello winter! Time to bust out the real winter clothing to brace this newly white Boston weather. To compliment this gorgeous snow we have gotten, I decided to sport one of my favorite winter white sweaters form Urban Outfitters. I paired it with my favorite black ripped skinny jeans- which totally feel like leggings- from Zara. I maybe did not make the most practical shoe choice since I kind of had to tip-toe through the snow, but I got to sport my favorite new pair of Adidas sneakers from Urban Outfitters. To top it off, I slipped on my grey hat with a cute fur pouf, which happens to be my new favorite winter accessory. I also carried my favorite bag ever which is perfect for all occasions because it can fit a laptop and all of the nonsense that I find necessary to keep in my purse. Unfortunately, Kate Spade Saturday went out of business so this bag is not available anymore (sad), however Kate Spade has a similar style called the Cobble Hill Adrien.

Day 2:


Saturday night I was in the mood to have some fun with my outfit. I love finding ways to make otherwise simple outfits a bit more fun and personalized. This outfit is now one of my faves and I want to wear it every weekend. I started off with a pretty simple outfit of a simple black mini-skirt from Aritzia and a super comfy striped shirt from Brandy Melville. I paired it with black tights by Wolford to keep my legs warm in the cold night. To add texture, I decided to pair it with my black faux fur jacket from Urban Outfitters- this was a good choice because I stayed warm all night without needing a giant parka! To add a little personal touch, I put some cute stickers and a pin on my shirt; I promise– stickers are not just for five year olds! For my shoes I decided to go with a pair of slip-ons by Circus by Sam Edelman to keep my outfit casual and fun. Plus, the shoes say “I can’t” which basically describes my life.

Day 3:


It’s Sunday fun-day! I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. On one hand they’re relaxing and fun and on the other hand I’m thinking, “Oh shoot, I still have a ton of work to do!” This Sunday my friends and I went to Gyu-Kaku for lunch which I highly recommend. We were there for literally three hours though, so after I was stressed out and felt like I wasted my day– but whatever, I got through it! For my outfit I wanted to be cozy but still look styled. I chose to wear my comfiest sweater from Club Monaco which I paired with my comfiest jeans from Zara. For shoes, I wanted to keep the cozy vibe while adding a little drama so I wore my Stuart Weitzman Playtime boots (on sale right now, by the way!). It was definitely the perfect outfit for a lazy Sunday.

Put On Your Red Shoes: Remembering David Bowie

By: Asta MacKie

In light of the passing of the great musician and star David Bowie, we begin this semester by paying homage to this icon’s enormous influence in the fashion industry. Known as one of the greatest chameleons of style, Bowie’s many faces can still be seen throughout fashion today– whether it comes in the form of high fashion on the runway or gracing the aisles of Target, as seen in Keanan Duffty’s Bowie line for Target.


David Bowie once famously said “I reinvented my image so many times that I’m in denial that I was originally an overweight Korean woman,” as reported by The Sun.  Whether it was the one legged catsuits of Ziggy Stardust or the androgynous suits of the Thin White Duke, Bowie was constantly redefining his image and embodied countless styles and trends throughout the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.


Bowie’s influences in fashion were not limited to the twentieth century, however. We all know at least one person with an anchor tattoo, and you can only guess who originally made that sailor symbol a trend. After David Bowie wore a fake one in his music video “John, I’m Only Dancing,”  Kate Moss, a close friend and huge fan of Bowie, famously sported the tattoo on the cover of Vogue Paris in 2012.  In fact, Kate Moss has graced the covers of Vogue impersonating David Bowie not once, but twice, and since his death has been paying tribute to him with a Bowie-themed birthday party and some fabulous metallic platform boots.


Lady Gaga herself, another eccentrically stylish pop star, has borrowed from Bowie’s image, and flaunted the iconic lightning bolt that Bowie is so famous for in the music video of her first hit single “Just Dance.”


There are many stars today famous for their androgynous image, such as Ruby Rose or model Andrej Pejic. Bowie, along with Prince, was one of the first to break these barriers, and gender fluidity became a huge part of his style and image.  In his “Life On Mars” music video, Bowie pulls off powder blue eye shadow and pink lip gloss better than I could ever dream of doing myself. This iconic look has been often present throughout beauty and fashion spreads.

Bowie accents are easily found on high fashion runways, whether it be in the makeup and hairstyles or in the clothing themselves in both menswear and womenswear.  Balmain’s line exhibited tight fitting, plunging cat suits in 2011, and in 2010, Givenchy almost perfectly replicated Bowie’s black and white striped blazer worn in 1973.


Everything in Jean Paul Gaultier’s runway show in 2013 embraces David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust era, from the stars to the eye shadow to the iconic bright red mullet.

David Bowie’s death this past month is a crushing loss for the music industry, the fashion world, and for all of us. Just remember him the next time you’re feeling brave enough to go for that blue eye shadow or put on that catsuit, and own it just as well the rock icon himself once did.
Sources: Vogue, The Sun,, MTV News,

Campus Chic: Dalal A.

By: Meredith Fisher

Photos: Meredith Fisher


The first snowball of the season has been thrown. So far this year, we have been having an unseasonably warm winter but the warm weather is finally coming to an end. Temperatures are plummeting and snow is falling. Look around campus, it is evident that Huskies are finally feeling the cold wind by bundling up for lower temperatures. Nonetheless, some students refuse to let the weather keep them from staying stylish. One student in particular shows us that winter is not an excuse to give up and wear sweatpants all season. Dalal struts her style by showing us the proper way to layer, stay warm, and most importantly, stay chic.

Dalal proves to have an eye for proper layering. A stunning sweater drapes over her leather jacket. She accessories with a voluminous scarf and a black clutch.


Name: Dalal Almarzouk

From: Kuwait

Major: Economics

Year: Junior

What is your favorite place to shop?

Vintage Stores

What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe?

My leather Jacket

What item should be in everyone’s closet?

Sneakers, maybe Golden Goose

What advice do you have for staying fashionable in the winter?


Three Days of Style: Harshita H.

By: Harshita Himatsingka

Photographer: Vanisha Dansinghani

Name: Harshita Himatsingka

Major: Journalism

Year: Sophomore

Day 1:

It’s chilly and cold. Hence, it’s official sweater weather. The big coats often hide the pretty sweaters, but once you’re inside, it’s time to show them off. This is one of my favorite sweaters, which is from Loft. I love the color and the way it fits. I’ve paired the sweater with black jeans from Guess and brown suede boots from Promod.


Day 2:

This grey sweatshirt from Forever 21, which says NY/LA is another one of my favorite pieces. It’s simple, comfortable and looks just as good. I’ve paired it with black jeans from Guess and black boots from Steve Madden. The winter coat, from Garage, also adds to the outfit, and acts as a statement piece with its subtle leather sleeve patch designs.


Day 3:

This outfit is one for a lazy day when I don’t really feel like dressing up as much. The sweater is from Tommy Hilfiger, the scarf is from H&M, the jeans are from Guess and the booties are from Forever 21.