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Zara Launches “Sustainable Fashion” Line

By: Zoë Unverferth


Zara, the well known and loved worldwide fashion company, just released a “sustainable fashion” line for the 2016 fall season. In an effort to become increasingly eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, their new line, #joinlife, is made with eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton, recycled wool and Tencel, which “reduce their environmental impact”.


The line includes the latest fashion trends, with a “fusion of masculine and feminine style which defines clean silhouettes and a color palette inspired by mineral tones”, including palazzo pants, trousers, a boat neck blouse, jumpsuits and denim on denim looks and much more, all following a neutral color scheme that is perfect for this fall.


While this is a great step forward for Zara, many are questioning whether one collection will really do much to reduce their impact on the environment. Some think that it is difficult to be both a fast-fashion empire, dedicated to churning out mass amounts of clothing, as well as a company that focuses on the environmental and quality.  While I do agree that there may be a conflict of interest with the company as a whole, there is other proof that Zara is working towards incorporating different environmentally conscious elements into their business including using recycled boxes for all shipments, and supplying bins in stores for unwanted clothing to be dropped off and recycled in order to extend their lifespan.


All of the eco-friendly attention paid in the production process, including the materials used, such as cotton that requires 90% less water and Tencel, made from extracted wood fiber grown in forests that are guaranteeing reforestation through sustainable management, makes these pieces worth the extra money.


“The collection embraces a woman who looks into a more sustainable future”.


Zara, as well as other fast-fashion brands such as H&M, ASOS and Old Navy have begun the pursuit to becoming eco-friendly companies through specific fashion lines. However, one can only hope that their eco-friendly mindset and endeavors expand beyond simply a fashion line here and there, and instead become core values for each of the companies. Only time will tell!


Check out some of my favorite looks from the line below!

#techstyle at the MFA

By: Non Kuramoto

Fashion is constantly at the frontline of technological innovation. Fearless designers have always found ways to explore the potential of new technologies. #techstyle at the Museum of Fine Arts is an exhibit that showcases various examples of the crossroads between STEM and fashion.

At the entrance of the exhibit was Viktoria Modesta’s stylish prosthetic leg and a video of her dancing. Her powerful dance moves seemed to embody the power and potential of technology as we are invited into the world.

The exhibit was divided into three sections: “Performance,” designers known for their incorporation of technology, and “Production”.

The first section, “Performance”, showcased pieces that interacted with their environments. There was an Iris Van Herpen dress that looked like a splash of water molded out of plastic, a dress made of needles that moved to the music and a leather jacket that changed colors depending on environmental factors. The most exciting piece was a dress by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz embedded with 10,000 micro LEDs. There was an iPad next to it, with which the viewer can decide which pattern appears on the dress. It made me wonder about the infinite possibilities of pattern making that would become available once the technology becomes more sophisticated.

The next room featured designers that were well known for their exploration of high-tech materials. From Rei Kawakubo’s 2D dresses to Alexander McQueen’s "Plato’s Atlantis" and Hussein Chalayan’s "Remote Control Dress," the garments were displayed in tandem to videos of their presentations, which were also technology inspired. It was remarkable to see that many of these forward thinking designers have been incorporating technology into their designs before the public interest in high-tech fashion was there.

The third and biggest room was “Production,” which showcased various pieces using different kinds of materials and processes, particularly those made in collaboration between fashion designers and researchers. Because fashion design and scientific research are both subjects generally secluded from each other, I enjoyed seeing the beautiful works; the 3D-printed cape and skirt made by Iris Van Herpen and Neri Oxman of the MIT Media Lab resembled boulders covered in barnacles that looked like the love-children between scientists and artists.

Although the arts are often stuck lower on the priority compared to STEM fields, pieces like this are telling of how truly amazing things can happen when the two work together as equals.

**For a behind-the-scenes look at #techstyle at MFA, please check out our Q&A with curator of fashion art , Michelle Finamore, in the latest issue of The Avenue, The Innovation Issue

Source: Museum of Fine Arts


PFW 2016/17: Paris Fashion Week or Punks of Fashion Week?

By:Non Kuramoto

Twice a year when Paris Fashion Week rolls around, I am hit by a strange feeling of surprise—Although I feel as though I should not be, I am regularly taken aback by the number of designers that infuse our world with new blood each season. It was incredibly difficult to choose my favorites. How can I forgo touching on Chanel or Vivienne Westwood—both designed by people who shaped the fashion world today, and continue to be hipper than any of us. Still, shows from fashion houses such as Loewe with J. W. Anderson have paved a path for fellow young designers. Paris Fashion Week offered me just too many options. 

To make things a little easier, I chose to focus on punk influence in the current fashion world. I'm not just thinking punk rock style—as Vivienne Westwood would be at the top of that list—but the designers who have used this season to put up their dukes up to fashion and made us question even, what is fashion? 

Comme Des Garçons

Rei Kawakubo is no newcomer to destroying the fashion status-quo. “Imagining punks in the 18th century, which was a time of so many revolutions,” Kawakubo hits us with extreme decadence featuring wildly blooming flowers that seems to say, fashion has hit its current high, and must wilt in order to re-bloom. Her pieces are obviously not wearable—I mean, if you think they are, then more power to you—and are statements more than anything. Needless to say, they’re all sculpturally impressive pieces. The 18th century influences are apparent in the rococo style floral print, corsetry and armor-like details. The huge frills and exaggerated shoulders seem almost satirical of what “high-artistic-fashion” has become. The models, marching down the runway to “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” are simultaneously the clowns and warriors of fashion as a form of art. Kawakubo does not give us any answers, but a  pretty optimistic seeming nudge towards fashion's time to reconfigure itself.  


Vetements, a collective led by Demna Gvasalia, has been shooting up the fashion ladder as the new cool kid on the block. The brand’s ability to create high fashion out of street style has provoked so many designers, from old to new, to follow suit. This season, he set out to the push the envelope further. For starters, the show was cast on Instagram—which is not unheard of, but rare to see it done all the way through. Obscenities printed on tops seemed ironic given the setting—a church. Their garments were an edgy riff on school uniforms, with plaid, button ups, trousers and jackets coming in a variety of materials and silhouettes—a likely ode to the young people affected in the Paris attacks this past fall. Unlike Comme Des Garçons, Vetements keeps their clothes wearable for the most part. As Kawakubo stirs up the conversation through an artful PSA, Vetements—ambassadors of the social media age—is shifting the attitude from within.   

Saint Laurent

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Hedi Slimane. He and Alessandro Michele, are two designers that make my heart sing time and time again. (The rumor about his departure from Saint Laurent seemed to ruin the balance of my life. But for now, he has graced us with new works with no confirmation of the rumor, so I can continue breathing.) My personal preference aside, Slimane never ceases to surprise and set high standards, both technically and creatively, for all designers. The presentation was in a mansion with models walking down the staircase as the look numbers were called out, taking influence from the 80’s. Yes, many designers have been looking to the 80’s recently, but this is Hedi Slimane we’re talking about. He does't let us off the hook so easily, and his version of the 80’s was an impeccably built collection that paid homage to Yves Saint Laurent, yet was fully infused with the punk rock chicness that Slimane does so well. His ability to take a theme that is beginning to seem almost overdone, and then infuse it with something new is refreshing, especially when trends seem to get overspread and overused too quickly. It’s what the dream version of the 80’s we all wished we lived in looks like. The last look’s huge red coat seemed to be Slimane saying “I dare you to get on this level.” 

Some people may claim fashion is dead, but I think these designers can vouch that the only thing that’s on its way to the grave is "fashion as we knew it."

Sources: Vogue Runway

The Tucked-in Hair Trend

By: Shelby Robin

Do you want runway hair, but don't have the skill? Have you ever wanted to chop off your long locks but don't want to commit? Want to switch up your hair-do, without having to take the time to do fancy braids and twists? Or, are you just plan lazy?

All these problems can be solved with one trendy hairstyle: the hair tuck! 

The hair tuck is literally, tucking your hair into your shirt. Yes, it is that simple, but when done right, it looks effortlessly cool. Plus, anyone can take her own spin on it. Here are some ways to pull off this new trend:

The Turtleneck

The turtleneck is the natural companion for tucked in hair. Just get that sucker over your head and skip pulling out your tresses and you are ready to go. 

Wrap it Up

Another easy combination is tucking your curls into a chunky scarf. Now your hair is protected from being blown around by the wind, and can keep you toasty warm.

Casual Cool

Perfect for running errands, tucked tresses will pair well with sneakers and sweats, while still looking put together.  

All Black with Attitude

Add a relaxed edge to a structured all black outfit with this messy hairdo. This enhances the effortless ease of an all-black ensemble.

Perfect with Prep

This messy hairdo can be tamed into a classy tuck that looks very put together. This look is perfect for a J. Crew-style Sunday brunch.

Formal Function

Lastly–though it may of not have seemed possible–this hairstyle can totally be made acceptable for an evening event.  Like this example here, it can add some grunge to a lacy dress.


Milan Fashion Week A/W 2016/17 Collection Review: Who Were Milano's Women This Season?

By: Non Kuramoto

Milan Fashion Week is probably my favorite of all of the fashion weeks. Everything from the pieces that grace the runway to street style, Milan has a touch of quirk and unique flavor that makes them different from New York, London and Paris. The designers who present at Milan embrace the art of fashion; garments seen at Milan Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 did not disappointfeaturing whimsical designs, delicately crafted elements and an overarching interest in telling stories. I picked three collections from this week that bid good-bye to norm-core, and pursued truly artistic visions.  


Alessandro Michele has done it again. Only a year into his appointment as the Creative Director of Gucci, Michele has given the brand a new, and very influential, identity. A nerdy-femme aesthetic, which may as well have walked straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, was infused with a touch of ferocity this season. Her silhouettes were more structured and the prints spoke "bold," rather than "delicate." The punchy colors would give any woman in Michele’s garments the confidence and power to command a room. Michele’s collaboration with graffiti artist Trouble Andrew (a.k.a. GucciGhost) was also notable. Allowing an artist who appropriates Gucci’s signature in his pieces was a graceful combination of tradition and modernity. The black leather embossed bags reading, “Real Gucci,” was a tongue-in-cheek way for him to comment on the culture of counterfeit luxury items.     


If teenagers thought they were edgy using “lit” to describe something cool or fashionable, Jeremy Scott took it to a new level. With hashtag #itslit, Scott set Milan on fire with his new collection. A huge change from last season’s cheery construction workers, the models scowled down the runway clad in boldly colored satin, chains, leather and cigarette patterns. The Moschino woman was the high-end dominatrix; she knows her power, commands attention and has the ability to drive men mad. The second half of the show is when we found out exactly what was “lit.” Lit were the dresses, scorched and left with ragged hems. Lit was the dress with smoke spewing from the model’s trail. Lit was the dress that was also a chandelier. Although the wearability of this collection is questionable, a statement on the current state of fashion was definitely made, as well as posed: With fashion tradition being shaken up, is it time to burn everything down? And will fashion rise from the ashes like a phoenix?  

Dolce & Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana has just won everyone’s heart (if they hadn’t already), as everybody’s dream fairy godfathers. This season’s theme was princesses and fairytales, and they were not going for subtlety. Cinderella’s iconic blue dressed floated down the runway, complete with plexiglass slippers that the Tremaine sisters would have died formore reasons than just the prince’s hand. Her mice friends danced around as embroidery, and her pumpkin carriage made an appearance as a bag. A dress embroidered with an evil step-mother looking into a mirror was followed by a dress covered in apples—Snow White, embroideries of a tall tower—Rapunzel—and a sweater on which a princess is kissing a frog—Frog Prince. Sprinkling references of so many princesses in their iconic A-line shift dresses and other impeccably constructed garments, Dolce & Gabbana relentlessly brought our childhood dreams to life. They didn’t forget the princes either! Beautiful Napoleonic jackets covered in charms and encrusted with pearls and gems, would make even Prince Charming check himself out when he gets dressed.

Sources: Vogue Runway




NYFW Fall/Winter 2016/17 Trend Report

By: Non Kuramoto

With Tom Ford, Burberry and Vetements having announced their departure from the “Fashion Month” presentations, it is clear that the fashion world is being rocked out of tradition. Though most of our favorite designers are still showing us their newest pieces this New York Fashion Week, we can still see some "high-fashion rules" being broken here and there. The trend towards less structural pieces is still ongoing, and simple chic is being pushed out by the ornamental and artful. 

Here are some trends to watch for Fall 2016 from the first half of New York Fashion Week.

Dancing Queen

Inspiration from the '70s is still holding up from last season. Bold prints and flared pants discoed through many presentations. Mara Hoffman’s intricate patterns and zebra stripes found themselves on jumpsuits, dresses and robes that have the perfect amount of billowiness that will make you want to dance through the night. Josie Natori focused on the extravagance of the time period. Her column dresses and beaded detailings spoke to the lavish lifestyles of those in the early '70s. Custo Barcelona threw in some funk with chunky square framed glasses and colorful patterns haphazardly combined.

I Woke Up Like This

When androgynous fashion came into style, structured clothing seemed to fade away. With athleisure also having a moment, we can safely say people are not very interested in constricting clothes. ICB, making perhaps the boldest statement in this direction, showed knit sweaters that were practically dresses with sleeves that stretched passed the hemline. The wide-legged pants that contributed to the shapelessness and the fur slip on sandals may make this your new favorite trend; the "just rolled out of bed" look can now be fashionable. Assembly New York is also on the comfort train with pants so wide they look like skirts, and sleeves long enough that you can leave your gloves at home.

Necklines: Go Big or Go Home

Get ready to take back everything you said about how dorky you think turtlenecks are. From neck-hugging turtlenecks to cowl necks and bows that wrap around the neck, for Fall 2016, keep your neck covered. Tibi, Suno and Creatures of Comfort came forth with pieces with necklines grazing the chin; In Suno’s case a sweater even went past the chin, covering the bottom half of the model’s face. On the other end of the spectrum, necklines plunged at Olympic diver levels. Brock Collection, Protagonist, and Cushnie et Ochs opted for deep V’s that would make traditional mothers (or fathers) ask “Where do you think you’re going young lady?” Whichever side you choose to stand on, keeping your crewneck sweaters deep in your dresser is probably a good move.

High Shine

Rihanna aptly told us to “shine bright like a diamond” in 2012, and the fashion world (as it should) has been following suit. This season saw a continuation of the shine and luster in garments. Area showed us a variety of shiny fabrics with satin, velvet, glittery lurex and even Swarovski encrusted pieces. Alexander Wang incorporated metallic elements by way of accessories, with silver bulbs on shoes and handbags. Shiny leather pieces were also prominent in Wang’s collection. The sun might start to hide in the fall, but you can still shine your way through the cold.

Source: Vogue Runway

Three Days of Style: Duong T.

Name: Duong Trinh

Major: International Business

Year: 2020

This week, I experimented with a wide variety of styles—some of which were quite unprecedented

Day 1: 

The turtleneck is a must-have piece for me every fall and winter. Contrasting with the maroon tunic, the mustard sleeveless coat stands out and hovers lightly over the dark over-the-knee boots. With a touch of light-catching metallic accessories, the top no longer bores the eyes with its low-key color tone. 

Thrifted turtleneck from Hanoi, Vietnam | Zara coat  Charlotte Russe boots Banana Republic necklace | Accessorize belt 

Day 2: 

A bomber jacket, a backpack and a pair of ripped jeans: this outfit exudes a an easy-going, yet edgy vibe. Although I normally don't dress like this, I put in a few attempts at mixing up some of my most boyish items. From the overall monochromatic shades of grey, the outfit shows hints of cream and vanilla colors.

Topshop sweater  | H&M bomber jacket | Lucky Brand Jeans Vince Camuto riding boots | FRENDS headphones | Saks Fifth Avenue ear cuffs | Michael Kors backpack | Police glasses | H&M beanie 

Day 3: 

Layering is my strategy when it comes to tackling chilly weather. The warm retro undertone of this outfit fits in nicely with its 90's flared jeans. With the look, I wore a similarly nostalgic pair of blue wedges. The plaid coat hanging loosely around me emphasizes my shoulders, creating an empowering and structured form for my body.

Urban Outfitters plaid shirt | Zara blazer | Goelia coat | Zara jeans Sketchers Wedges  | Banana Republic necklace | Accessorize belt

Bonus Look!

I styled a night-out look inspired by many of my misty black items. The black-and-white color palette deliberately adds an urban feel to my appearance. Parallels created by the contrast between my white top and black cape, cream handbag and inky skirt were meant to create a basic, but classic look. A tip for statement pieces—such as the earrings and necklace in this outfit—is to mingle their shapes and sizes so they don't out-do each other. Last but not least, a pair of nude stilettos finishes the outfit and elongates my overall figure—a trick I have always used when wearing shorts and skirts.

Mango top | Zara blazer cape | Zara skirt | Coach handbag | Aldo heels | Banana Republic earrings | Oasis necklace | Vince Camuto watch

6 Fashion YouTubers You Should Know

By: Shelby Robin

1. The Fashion Citizen


The Fashion Citizen consists of a sister duo from Arizona, who thrifting goddesses. They have adorable nicknames for each other (Smell and Punk) and have a great sense of humor, which can be seen in their style. Their videos are a great way to find some inspiration for what to look for at your local thrift shop, and their styling videos can assist you with how to wear different statement pieces.

2. Helen Anderson


Helen Anderson, a British YouTuber, is tattooed, pierced and a total goof ball. Her style is fun, edgy and rock 'n roll. Helen loves herself some Doc Martens and cheetah print, as well as lace and pastels. She loves festival fashion, and her hair is constantly changing colors. Helen is also soon to be married, so some unconventional wedding videos are sure to be on the way.

3. In The Frow


Behind Inthefrow, is Victoria, a British YouTuber who I would recommend anyone interested in luxury. She reviews a lot of high-end beauty products and does very sophisticated makeup tutorials and fashion lookbooks. Victoria can often be found wearing pumps during the day with ankle grazing denim, and a designer bag in the crook of her arm. Oh, and did I mention she rocks the silver hair trend?

4. simply_kenna



Simply_kenna exudes chill vibes, and makes inspirational videos about her unique lifestyle. This includes being a minimalist, a vegan and practicing Buddhism. Her personal style is very bohemian and relaxed, and her makeup looks are always beautifully glowy-- she is a highlighting queen. She also makes really cute DIY on a budget videos perfect for anyone who likes that copper and marble look.

5. Lindseyrem


Lindseyrem, also known as Lindsey, is super relatable to us college students, because she also is one! Lindsey studies graphic design in California, and makes very on-trend style and beauty videos. Her lookbooks consist of outfits you could actually wear to class.

6. LaMadelynn

LaMadelynn is for all you old souls out there. Her style is modern with a wearable retro twist. It helps that she is a very talented videographer, and she puts a lot of time into each video she makes. Her videos all look like they came right out of a Wes Anderson film. Madelynn always puts a unique spin on the average makeup or styling video.

Top 10 Trends For Spring 2016

By: Alex Kaneshiro

Although many of us are still stuck in the snow on the East Coast, it's never too early to start stocking up your closet with this year's spring essentials. From silk slips to mules, the trends we'll see this spring prove that fashion not only innovates, but loves to borrow from the past. Check out these looks and pieces that have been trending on and off the ready-to-wear runway for the spring season.

Victorian Era Cuts

The Victorian era is making a comeback this spring. With dresses and tops featuring ruffles, conservative necklines and puffy sleeves, this historic look is coming back with a feminine and modern vengeance.

Vintage Suede

Expect to see vintage suede as another blast-from-the-past trend this spring. Accompanied by a large pair of vintage sunglasses, this 70’s revival is the perfect sleek look for a casual day out. Underwear for Outerwear: As the days get warmer, we’ll take a cue from fashion giants, Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein and Givenchy, to transition underwear to outerwear. Think silk slips, lacy garments and other lingerie-inspired looks to stay comfy and chic.

Paperbag-Waist Trousers

As the rise of the gentlewoman and tomboy looks become increasingly more prominent, the paperbag-waist trouser will be your go-to pair of pants for this spring. This high-waisted industrial look can be best juxtaposed with a feminine top, shoes and accessories.

Exposed Shoulder

Off the shoulder cuts and halters are trending both on the runway and the street. Get yours for an easy, breezy spring look.

Black Skinny Scarf

The black skinny scarf has been trending this winter and thanks to its light and carefree look, will most likely transition into spring outfits. The skinny scarf is one of the ultimate boyish chic statement pieces.

Slip-On Mules


Comfort will come first this spring with slip-on footwear. Stride through the streets with a light pair of mules on your feet.

Statement Earrings

Although dainty, understated jewelry works for any outfit, it’s time to make a statement when it comes to your earrings. From bold colors to geometric shapes, make sure to sport something bold on your lobes this spring season.

Multicolored Stripes

Get into the spring spirit with pops of color and stripes. As seen on the ready-to-wear runways of Milan as well as in street style, multicolored stripes will be your eye-catching print of the season.

90's Inspired

This spring, we’ll look a couple of decades back for a 90’s fashion redux. Bold colors, hologram materials and loose-fitting pieces will be your guiding lights to get the look.


Basics of the Blazer

By: Duong Trinh

From their origin as suit jackets for boating club members, blazers are nowadays regarded as chic items continually featured in street style looks. Ranging from blocks of color to patterned prints, casual forms to formal cuts and stiff materials to slouchy fabrics, the myriad options or hybrids of some can be tailored to any preferable style. Here, I’ll show you the three most basic ways to style a blazer.

1. The Casual Blazer

Wearing a blazer is not synonymous with being stiff and serious. Go bold with colors; create emphasis here and there with an item that jumps out from your usual color scheme. Sneakers, snapbacks, and crop tops are some options for accessories that defy the cuts of an otherwise stern-looking jacket.

 Luann Rib Top | Choies Blazer | J Brand Jeans | Adidas Originals | Balenciaga Bag | Cara Scarf  | Lane Crawford Cap |Dior Sunglasses

2. The Professional Blazer

Mixing up different prints yet preserving the whole monochromatic feel of the outfit can be challenging, but fun to play with. Within the context of the workplace, blazers can truly shine by framing up a tucked-in, white shirt, accompanied by work bag. Still, there is space for creativity. Cinch in your waist with a belt to create a more linear silhouette, or wear a ruffled shirt and let the intricate detail speak for itself.

Red Valentino Top | Edun Blazer  | Edun Pants | Louboutin Shoes | Shein Bag | Bottega Veneta Phone Case | Cutler & Gross Glasses | Yves Saint Laurant Belt

3. The Evening Blazer

Personally, I own only one black blazer cape, but there have been countless looks that it has been featured in. A supreme-looking black blazer cape can give the outfit a crisp, put-together feel. Dressed in this style, minimalism is the right way to go—no need to complicate with layers or colors. With a simple pair of stilettos and clutch, you are ready to go.

BCBG Top | Armani Blazer | BCBG Skirt | Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes | Noir Clutch | Lane Bryant Necklace | Nak Armstrong Earrings | Chanel Perfume | Chanel Body Lotion |Chanel Mascara 

All outfits made on

Three Days of Style: Karli Brush

Name: Karli Brush

Major: Business

Year: Freshman

Day 1:


Oh, hello winter! Time to bust out the real winter clothing to brace this newly white Boston weather. To compliment this gorgeous snow we have gotten, I decided to sport one of my favorite winter white sweaters form Urban Outfitters. I paired it with my favorite black ripped skinny jeans- which totally feel like leggings- from Zara. I maybe did not make the most practical shoe choice since I kind of had to tip-toe through the snow, but I got to sport my favorite new pair of Adidas sneakers from Urban Outfitters. To top it off, I slipped on my grey hat with a cute fur pouf, which happens to be my new favorite winter accessory. I also carried my favorite bag ever which is perfect for all occasions because it can fit a laptop and all of the nonsense that I find necessary to keep in my purse. Unfortunately, Kate Spade Saturday went out of business so this bag is not available anymore (sad), however Kate Spade has a similar style called the Cobble Hill Adrien.

Day 2:


Saturday night I was in the mood to have some fun with my outfit. I love finding ways to make otherwise simple outfits a bit more fun and personalized. This outfit is now one of my faves and I want to wear it every weekend. I started off with a pretty simple outfit of a simple black mini-skirt from Aritzia and a super comfy striped shirt from Brandy Melville. I paired it with black tights by Wolford to keep my legs warm in the cold night. To add texture, I decided to pair it with my black faux fur jacket from Urban Outfitters- this was a good choice because I stayed warm all night without needing a giant parka! To add a little personal touch, I put some cute stickers and a pin on my shirt; I promise– stickers are not just for five year olds! For my shoes I decided to go with a pair of slip-ons by Circus by Sam Edelman to keep my outfit casual and fun. Plus, the shoes say “I can’t” which basically describes my life.

Day 3:


It’s Sunday fun-day! I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. On one hand they’re relaxing and fun and on the other hand I’m thinking, “Oh shoot, I still have a ton of work to do!” This Sunday my friends and I went to Gyu-Kaku for lunch which I highly recommend. We were there for literally three hours though, so after I was stressed out and felt like I wasted my day– but whatever, I got through it! For my outfit I wanted to be cozy but still look styled. I chose to wear my comfiest sweater from Club Monaco which I paired with my comfiest jeans from Zara. For shoes, I wanted to keep the cozy vibe while adding a little drama so I wore my Stuart Weitzman Playtime boots (on sale right now, by the way!). It was definitely the perfect outfit for a lazy Sunday.

Put On Your Red Shoes: Remembering David Bowie

By: Asta MacKie

In light of the passing of the great musician and star David Bowie, we begin this semester by paying homage to this icon’s enormous influence in the fashion industry. Known as one of the greatest chameleons of style, Bowie’s many faces can still be seen throughout fashion today– whether it comes in the form of high fashion on the runway or gracing the aisles of Target, as seen in Keanan Duffty’s Bowie line for Target.


David Bowie once famously said “I reinvented my image so many times that I’m in denial that I was originally an overweight Korean woman,” as reported by The Sun.  Whether it was the one legged catsuits of Ziggy Stardust or the androgynous suits of the Thin White Duke, Bowie was constantly redefining his image and embodied countless styles and trends throughout the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.


Bowie’s influences in fashion were not limited to the twentieth century, however. We all know at least one person with an anchor tattoo, and you can only guess who originally made that sailor symbol a trend. After David Bowie wore a fake one in his music video “John, I’m Only Dancing,”  Kate Moss, a close friend and huge fan of Bowie, famously sported the tattoo on the cover of Vogue Paris in 2012.  In fact, Kate Moss has graced the covers of Vogue impersonating David Bowie not once, but twice, and since his death has been paying tribute to him with a Bowie-themed birthday party and some fabulous metallic platform boots.


Lady Gaga herself, another eccentrically stylish pop star, has borrowed from Bowie’s image, and flaunted the iconic lightning bolt that Bowie is so famous for in the music video of her first hit single “Just Dance.”


There are many stars today famous for their androgynous image, such as Ruby Rose or model Andrej Pejic. Bowie, along with Prince, was one of the first to break these barriers, and gender fluidity became a huge part of his style and image.  In his “Life On Mars” music video, Bowie pulls off powder blue eye shadow and pink lip gloss better than I could ever dream of doing myself. This iconic look has been often present throughout beauty and fashion spreads.

Bowie accents are easily found on high fashion runways, whether it be in the makeup and hairstyles or in the clothing themselves in both menswear and womenswear.  Balmain’s line exhibited tight fitting, plunging cat suits in 2011, and in 2010, Givenchy almost perfectly replicated Bowie’s black and white striped blazer worn in 1973.


Everything in Jean Paul Gaultier’s runway show in 2013 embraces David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust era, from the stars to the eye shadow to the iconic bright red mullet.

David Bowie’s death this past month is a crushing loss for the music industry, the fashion world, and for all of us. Just remember him the next time you’re feeling brave enough to go for that blue eye shadow or put on that catsuit, and own it just as well the rock icon himself once did.
Sources: Vogue, The Sun,, MTV News,

A Look Back at the First Lady’s 10 Most Stylish Moments

By: Valerie Butler

Who is surprised that First Lady Michelle Obama has done it, yet again, at President Obama’s final State of the Union address? From the metallic manicure to the no makeup look, FLOTUS glowed from head to toe. Dressed in a marigold wool Narciso Rodriguez a-line dress, Michelle Obama continues to find the balance between vibrancy and elegance. As with most of the first lady’s televised outfits, this dress sold out before the speech was even over.


Of course, this would not be the first time Mrs. Obama has stolen the show. Let’s take a look at Michelle Obama’s 10 most stylish First Lady moments ever.

1. At the First State Dinner for India, wearing Naeem Khan:


2. Welcomed by Queen Elizabeth at London’s Buckingham Palace wearing Tom Ford:


3. Dressed in Prabal Gurung at the end of the US-Africa leaders summit:


4. In Missoni at Milan Expo:


5. On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno wearing Michael Kors:


6. Dressed in Jason Wu for the 2013 Inaugural Ball:


7. At the Presidential Inauguration 2013 dressed in Thom Browne and J.crew:


8. Welcoming the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe:


9. In Marchesa for the Kennedy Center’s 36th Honor Gala:


10. And of course, dressed in Reed Krakoff in her official White House portrait for 2013:



Three Days of Style: Harshita H.

By: Harshita Himatsingka

Photographer: Vanisha Dansinghani

Name: Harshita Himatsingka

Major: Journalism

Year: Sophomore

Day 1:

It’s chilly and cold. Hence, it’s official sweater weather. The big coats often hide the pretty sweaters, but once you’re inside, it’s time to show them off. This is one of my favorite sweaters, which is from Loft. I love the color and the way it fits. I’ve paired the sweater with black jeans from Guess and brown suede boots from Promod.


Day 2:

This grey sweatshirt from Forever 21, which says NY/LA is another one of my favorite pieces. It’s simple, comfortable and looks just as good. I’ve paired it with black jeans from Guess and black boots from Steve Madden. The winter coat, from Garage, also adds to the outfit, and acts as a statement piece with its subtle leather sleeve patch designs.


Day 3:

This outfit is one for a lazy day when I don’t really feel like dressing up as much. The sweater is from Tommy Hilfiger, the scarf is from H&M, the jeans are from Guess and the booties are from Forever 21.