Let's Get Spiritual: Our Favorite Looks From the Met Gala

By Phil Zminda and Victoire Cointy

From the runway to the prêt-à-porter, inspiration for fashion has always come from sources both esoteric and ubiquitous. Religion, in particular, has provided us with plenty of material to mine, from flowery, ethereal silhouettes from the Virgin Mary to rugged, all-chainmail ensembles inspired by the Crusades. Thankfully Anna Wintour, Rihanna and recent Vogue cover girl Amal Clooney, this year’s Met Gala aka high fashion prom organizers, recognized the notoriously showy and luxurious aesthetic of Catholicism and brought it to this year’s installment. Although the declaration of the theme was met with some lukewarm (and some hostile) responses, the gala’s literally Vatican approved “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” theme gave way to some of the boldest, most daring, and stunning outfits we’ve seen there. Here are the ones that took us to Church.