Binaries on the Runway

By Kathy Villa

The fashion and modeling industries have long been places of exclusivity, elitism and the seemingly unfaltering aesthetic of the thin white person. Until recently, the industry has had little to no diversity, particularly lacking in queer or LGBT representation. Today, it appears the industry has begun to embrace a multitude of gender identities as we see a revival of androgynous and genderqueer models — but how extensive is this inclusivity, and how are the models in question affected by it?

Photo courtesy of @raindovemodel on Instagram

Photo courtesy of @raindovemodel on Instagram

In fashion, the term “androgyny” is used to describe an aesthetic that “combines both masculine and feminine characteristics” according to Teen Vogue. It is often used loosely, some people using it to describe their gender, with others using it as a descriptor of style. This is where models such as Rain Dove (@raindovemodel) come into play. Standing at 6’2” with a fierce, masculine expression, their androgynous physicality swiftly brought them popularity in 2014. Born female, Rain Dove prefers gender neutral pronouns, but is accepting of every pronoun. Because agencies only seemed to be interested in them for men’s wear campaigns, they ended up pursuing different interests.

That being said, more people are coming to understand the fluidity of gender and clothing, yet high end designers have a long way to go when it comes to inclusivity.

Thanks to those in Hollywood who identify outside of the gender binary the fashion industry is desperate to maintain, the entire industry has shifted towards bigger and better things. Caitlyn Jenner’s public transition was widely celebrated across the internet, and contributed to the LGBT community’s up and coming era of social acceptance and celebration. Genderqueer and non-binary stars like Ruby Rose and Amandla Stenberg have contributed to queer visibility in the entertainment industry. Jaden Smith put everyone in awe when his Louis Vuitton Womenswear campaign in 2016 depicted him in a skirt, and Young Thug broke boundaries when he chose to wear a billowing purple gown for the cover art of his 2016 album No, My name is Jeffery.

But what about the runways of major fashion houses? Despite the increasing number of gender-nonconforming and transgender models being hired by higher end designers, non-binary individuals continue to be used in binary forms. Enter Oslo Grace, the 21-year-old trans non-binary model ruffling everyone’s feathers in the fashion industry. Based in New York, Grace had appeared on plenty of catwalks in the fashion industry, but made their first popular appearance at Jeremy Scott’s Moschino show in January of 2018, closing it alongside Rupaul’s Drag Race winner Violet Chachki in Milan. Impossible to miss, they garnered the attention of Alessandro Michele, who then tasked them with carrying the signature baby dragon for Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2018 fashion week.

Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Photo Courtesy of W Magazine

Photo Courtesy of W Magazine

Under their agency, Grace appears under both menswear and womenswear boards, and continues to make appearances for other big name fashion companies. More recently, they were deemed the highlight of Kenzo’s Fall/Winter 2019–2020 show striking multiple looks in one show. In only four minutes, the model transitioned from a compelling pink suit with side-swept bangs to a lavender eye look paired with a fringe-laden pink dress to end the show. When asked about their journey through modeling and why they choose to appear in both mens and womens wear, Grace told Refinery29 “I usually present very binary on the runway because runways aren’t usually nonbinary.” While they continue to work within the traditional limitations of runway culture, they are pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a model by being themselves. Grace is clearly on their way to becoming one of the fashion industry’s hidden gems, in more ways than one. More importantly, they are testing the limits and proving it’s time the fashion industry stopped thinking of fashion as a matter of strictly male or female altogether.

On the Basis of Fashion

By Salma Falah

When you think about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you think lawyer, Supreme Court Justice, mother, and wife. But what about fashionista? RBG dedicated her life to fighting for gender equality, and looked amazing doing it. This year we got to see Ginsburg on the big screen twice, in On the Basis of Sex and Notorious RBG. These two films highlighted different parts of her life, but they both gave justice to her timeless style.

Still from On the Basis of Sex, 2018

Still from On the Basis of Sex, 2018

Felicity Jones starred as Ruth Bader Ginsburg in On the Basis of Sex this fall. This film highlighted Ginsburg’s time as a law student and her career as a young lawyer. Growing up primarily in the 21st century, it is hard to imagine how sexist American society was when RBG was a young lawyer. In the fall of 1956, when Ruth began her time at Harvard Law, she was one of nine women in a class with 500 men. Watching a young Ruth walk into Harvard in a vibrant blue Dior power suit surrounded by typical black suits made that inherent sexism palpable. During this time, Ginsburg follows many of the ‘50s trends such as a beautiful emerald tea length swing dress for an elegant dinner and a plaid Peter Pan collared dress for class.

The film then jumps to the early ’70s and RBG’s wardrobe shifts with the times. Her style becomes a little funkier and more colorful, including the iconic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. What really caught my eye was her hair ties. You might have assumed that hair ties are for little kids, but after watching this film RBG will convince you that they are the coolest accessory yet. After watching the film, I even bought myself some. Even though RBG’s style evolved throughout the film, one thing remained constant: her wardrobe always perfectly combined trendiness and professionalism.

Still from On the Basis of Sex, 2018

Still from On the Basis of Sex, 2018

Photo courtesy of author

Photo courtesy of author

Photo courtesy of Supreme Court of the United States website

Photo courtesy of Supreme Court of the United States website

In Notorious RBG, a documentary about Ginsburg’s life, you see her personal style progress and evolve. In the film, she shows the many collars she wears with her Supreme Court Justice robe. As the second female Supreme Court Justice, Ginsburg explained that the standard black robe was created for a man, leaving a place by the neckline for a man's tie and shirt to show. RBG and Sandra Day O'Connor decided to add collars to their robes to represent their style. Ginsburg added an extra element of playfulness to each collar she wore by establishing a ‘majority opinion’ collar and a ‘dissenting opinion’ collar. Most would think there is no way to style a plain black robe, but RBG found one. In many points in her life, Ginsburg was the only woman in a room surrounded by men, all with their own preconceived notions about her. By adding small personal touches to all of her looks, she helped the world to see her idea of femininity: resiliency. So, are you struggling to find your “Co-op style”? Channel RBG.

Week in Review: The Avenue's Favorite Looks

By The Avenue’s Editorial Board

Week in Review: The Avenue's Favorite Looks

By The Avenue’s Editorial Board

Week in Review: The Avenue's Favorite Looks

By The Avenue’s Editorial Board

How To: Styling Sweatpants

By Lena Young
Photographed by Ryan Putrano

Sweatsuits have come a long way since velvet Juicy Couture sets and Uggs circa 2007. Though a similar concept, sweatsuits have evolved and tightened up over the years. In addition to the Kardashian, Jenner and Hadid sisters, celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Hill don this stylish sweatpant streetwear look regularly, reflecting their own personal style. For example, Kylie Jenner favors heavy fabric two-piece loungewear sets with a curve-enhancing fit, as evidenced by offerings from her online Kylie Jenner shop.

High-fashion designers like Gucci and Alexander Wang’s T by Alexander Wang line embrace this runway-ready athleisure style with a hefty price tag. However, you can recreate similar styles at a lower price, thanks to stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Athleisure fashionistas Zendaya, Rihanna, and Beyonce have experienced different responses to their clothing lines. Zendaya recently cut ties with the company that was operating Daya by Zendaya due to management, while Rihanna’s Fenty Puma line has thrived in footwear and apparel. Beyonce uniquely only offers Ivy Park at retailers Topshop and Nordstrom, but past-season leftovers can often be found at Nordstrom Rack.

Draw inspiration from sweatsuit queen Rihanna to sport a power look, accessorizing with jewelry and heels in a cropped top set or separates. Street style sweatsuits can work with cage heels, stilettos, boots, or honestly whatever you want.  

Or stick with a more casual chic approach and choose sneakers instead. The Nike Roshe One shoe and the classic Adidas Original Superstar sneakers are always a safe bet, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, consider expanding your horizons.


Another option is to substitute leggings for joggers or track pants for a similar edgy but sporty look. Approach this look however you like, or meet somewhere in the middle of weekend-ready and loungewear. One simple way to convey your “fashion mood” or personal style is by mixing up your top layers, choosing a plain or graphic tee, bodysuit, cropped top, sweater, or tank top, or whatever your desired creative approach.


The beauty of joggers is their versatility. They’re stylish and comfortable without being overbearing. Joggers typically don’t have an oversized, “drowning-in-these-pants” sweatpants look, which gives them this freedom and a cleaner look.

Similarly, with track pants, updated styles channel a sleeker look. Matching sweat suits used to be all about flared bottoms, an oversized fit, and a full zip style. In 2018, it’s quite different. Modern style took the matching warm-ups look and made it more crisp, integrating separates into outfit choices more frequently. For example, Bella Hadid sports a slightly slouchy jacket and slimmer leg track pant, compared to the fitted sweatshirt and flared pant look from the early 2000’s. Plus, it’s nice to wear pants you won’t trip over, due to the switch from baggy to a more tailored look.

Like the revamped track pants style, Rihanna makes the classic overhead sweatshirt and drawstring sweatpants combo look more chic with a slimmer full-length cut. Wearing hoodies and sweatpants under winter jackets is also a go-to outfit choice for celebs like Bella Hadid and Jourdan Dunn, who dresses up her athleisure style with ankle boots. Oftentimes, the jacket makes the outfit. Joggers topped off with bombers and crop tops or  leather jackets  are another street style favorite.

What’s awesome about this look is that you can create it with clothing you already have in your closet. And if you don’t, I’d advise you to consider investing in the following casual clothing items, as they can all be mixed and matched so seamlessly: Joggers, track pants, a leather jacket, and a bomber jacket.

Stick with minimalist looks for versatility. Getting caught up in trends of the moment can be tempting-- but keep in mind that for example, lace embroidered denim jackets might not be “in” next season.

Current trends for joggers, sweatpants, and leisurewear include matching sweatsuits, monochromatic looks, mismatched sets, and trendy jackets.

There are so many ways to pull off this look. Channel your inner 2001 J. Lo TRL with powder pink leisurewear, or Gigi Hadid’s blush streetwear getup for a soft, feminine look. While monochromatic styles are timeless, investing in basics and neutral colors is smart, as it allows more versatility to mix and match.

Take another page out of Gigi’s book and layer a leather jacket over a groufit (gray outfit) for an edgy twist. Alternate with a statement jacket (sequins, patterned, fur, etc.) to spice up your outfit. Or, keep it simple: Zendaya sports black sneakers, black track pants, a gray t-shirt, and an olive green bomber for her jet-set airport style.

The goal is to make your outfit look purposeful and functional-- not like you threw on the nearest pieces of clothing when you overslept this morning, claiming “it’s the look” when your others question your disheveled wardrobe choices. This look isn’t about being eccentric, absurd, or disruptive to an on-looker-- it’s about successfully executing a look that’s put together and comfortable. You’re not trying to push the envelope with how bizarre you can make your outfit combinations.

Striking the right balance in looking put-together while feeling comfortable, sporting street style sweatpants looks encourages others to be more adventurous in their wardrobe choices, and look for fun ways to fuse cozy and composed.

This may sound cliche, but the sexiest part of this look is wearing it with confidence. You can show some skin by adding a cropped, low-cut, or shoulder-baring top, but the attraction lies in your ability to mix comfort with style in an effortless way.

What The Ugg?

By Daniel McGorry

Ugh is right. Uggs are back and my toes are sweating.

Image #1.jpg

Pull the fire alarms. Fire up the smoke machines. Batten down the hatches. Land ho! Uggs have stomped their way back into the fashion scene and the world may have briefly stopped spinning. Unconfirmed, but still, maybe. The past couple of seasons have seen Crocs, Juicy sweatsuits, tennis shoes, and a sense that designers just simply dont give a f*ck! And, I’m here for it. Leading the not giving a f*ck trend is Jeremy Scott with his collaboration with UGG.

The People’s Designer, Scott, has created his cult following through his irreverent, playful, and satirical take on pop culture. The fashion industry, celebrities and the world have fallen in love with his ability to start fires with his unapologetic designs (cue his Moschino Hot Cheetos dress for F/W 2014). Jeremy’s collaboration with UGG is no different.

The limited edition collection featured the iconic chestnut boot with a fired up take by Jeremy with flames and golden “Ugg Life” embroidery. He was inspired by LA Hip-Hop culture and low-riding cars. The cheeky rendition of the boot is representative of the “throwback” trend that we’re seeing now and the nostalgia of a comfier, more playful time. Think Hot Wheels, but Ugg.

Image #2.jpg

I project UGG to have its fiery moment in the fashion spotlight once more and then to move to the back of the shoe closet as fast as they came back out. In the meantime, you should embrace your inner 2000’s Christina Aguilera and break out those Uggs, sweaty toes and all.


All images courtesy of UGG Boots




Styling Looks Inspired by Harry Styles

By Jessica Varner

Since One Direction first formed in 2010, Harry Styles has showcased an array of trendy styles filled with personality and flair. From glittered boots to floral suits, Styles really has tried it all. His evolution from preppy boybander to full-on rockstar proves there is truly nothing he does not look good in. Here’s how you can take some inspiration from Harry and his style whether you prefer blazers or bell-bottoms.  

Model: Patricia Riester  Photographer: Jessica Varner   

Model: Patricia Riester

Photographer: Jessica Varner


2012- For most of his boyband career, Styles mainly wore skinny jeans, graphic tees and Converse. Not only is this style super easy to recreate, it is also perpetually trendy. When have skinny jeans and t-shirts been out of style? This classic outfit can be altered easily to fit many personal styles, depending on jean wash and t-shirt design. It can even be dressed up or made more trendy by pairing it with heels. And of course, don’t forget your favorite sunnies!

Model: Jessica Varner  Photographer: Medha Shah

Model: Jessica Varner

Photographer: Medha Shah

2013- This look is proof that Harry ages like fine wine; his style matures along with him. Although this outfit was photographed in 2013, it is totally on-trend today in 2018 as animal prints are popping up everywhere. If you want to look casual-yet-glamorous like Styles manages to do in this photo, try a fun animal-printed top, some black skinny jeans (ripped-knees optional), a sleek black jacket (like Harry’s long wool coat or my leather jacket) and finish it off with some cute ankle boots. Make it fit your own style by choosing a different style of jacket and any shoes your heart desires.  

Model: Jessica Varner  Photographer: Medha Shah   

Model: Jessica Varner

Photographer: Medha Shah


2014- Styles’ style continued to progress, entering the world of printed suits in 2014. I took a more casual approach to re-creating this style as suits are not an everyday staple in most people’s wardrobes. I kept with the vertical stripes with these trendy flowy pants (something Harry has been wearing in 2017-18), but paired it with a simple shirt to make the look less busy. If you want to dress it up a bit, add a matching blazer like Harry. For shoes, I mimicked Harry’s ankle boots but instead of black went for a sparkly gold statement shoe to keep the boldness of the outfit. Don’t forget to accessorize! Add your favorite rings, earrings, necklaces or whatever else you like. And most importantly, never forget your brooding gaze like Harry perfectly demonstrates above.

Model: Medha Shah  Photographer: Jessica Varner   

Model: Medha Shah

Photographer: Jessica Varner


2015- 2015 brought the trend of bomber jackets, a trend I am personally very grateful for. Take a moment to appreciate how nice Harry looks in that Gucci jacket, and when you’re ready, keep reading to find out how you can look this good, too. Okay, are you ready? Three years later and bomber jackets are still everywhere! Find one that suits your style may it be floral, solid or with a tiger fighting an eagle like Harry’s. Pair it with some black (or any wash) skinny jeans, and go out into the world looking fabulous. Minimal effort for a super cute look.

Model: Medha Shah  Photographer: Jessica Varner

Model: Medha Shah

Photographer: Jessica Varner

2016- At this point, it feels like “Harry Styles” and “black skinny jeans” are synonymous. Although Styles’ love affair with his black skinnies has endured, his style evolution continues to be prevalent through his tops and accessories. This patterned, short-sleeve button-down shows personality while also keeping it classy. By pairing a collared shirt with your favorite skinny jeans, you can make an outfit trendy while also maintaining a level of class that a t-shirt does not bring to the table. While button-downs and skinny jeans make for a cute outfit, don’t shy away from going above and beyond like Styles does by pairing the look with a trendy hat, sunglasses and various rings.

2017- After releasing his debut solo album in early 2017, Styles’ already trendy and daring wardrobe stepped up another notch. Harry treats each performance like a formal occasion, strutting around the stage in custom floral, sparkly and iridescent Gucci suits. For your next formal occasion, event or interview do not be afraid to be bold. Confidently show your character through your clothes as Harry loves to do with a fun suit that empowers you. Since most college students are not ballin’ on Harry’s budget, stores like Zara and H&M provide funky suits at low costs so we can all pretend we are decked out in Gucci.



Whether you are going to the grocery store or going to a formal event, you can do it while looking as fly as Harry Styles. It’s easier than you think to look like a 24-year-old multi-millionaire rockstar, and if you’ve got black skinny jeans, you are already well on your way.


2018 Trend Predictions

By Taraneh Tabib-Azar

Oftentimes, the most exciting thing about ringing in a new year is seeing what trends begin to take off and make headway from the start and which trends continue to develop throughout the year. So far, 2018 has kicked off with a ton of Balenciaga, fresh dewy skin and pink clay mud masks, but let’s take a look at what trends are predicted to endure through the whole of 2018. With a ton of beloved creative directors leaving their posts at the likes of Louis Vuitton and Celine, an old classic is rumored to be making a comeback, and 2018 is their year. With cool-girl social activists replacing the Fit Tea Bali Body models of Instagram, a cultural shift is in the works and it’s sure to be reflected in the trends of 2018! 90s and early 2000s has been in but will the trends of another era begin to takeover this year? Platforms boots or dainty kitten-heeled sandals, Balenciaga or Chanel? What 2017 trends will continue into the new year and which trends will pop up and take over? Here’s a conclusive list of this year’s fashion and beauty trend predictions!

1. Burberry

That’s right. You heard it here first, folks. Burberry is predicted to be one of the hottest brands of 2018, anticipated to make a much-needed and long-awaited comeback. It’s about time! This comeback has been indicted to make a permanent fixture in this year’s trends, setting off 2018 with a Gosha Rubchinskiy collaboration which is available at Dover Street Market, reintroducing Burberry to today’s youngest consumers.

2. The Kitten Heel

Prada set the mood for 2018 shoe styles and Balenciaga just confirmed–the kitten heel is the new chunky block heel. Get ready to topple down over even the smallest of sidewalk cracks because the ultra-short kitten heel is finally back. Dior and other top designers are with it–are you?


3. ‘No makeup’ makeup

Who doesn’t love spending an hour in the morning just to end up looking like you just rolled out of bed? Whether you are a fan of the ‘no makeup’ makeup look or not, this beauty trend is predicted to be here to stay for at least a portion of 2018, so it might be time to invest in a few more Glossier products if you haven’t already!

4. The farmer’s daughter look

Thanks to professional it-girls like Petra Collins, Kaia Gerber and Selena Gomez, a new wave of farmer’s daughter looks tossed with coming of age social despondency vibes and chunky combat boots are predicted to take over. Ready or not, here it comes!

5. Mismatched earrings are the new tattoo stretch chokers

Symmetry is out and disorder is in, from mismatched plaids to uneven earrings this year! Try a hoop on one ear and a stud on the other! Throwing people off is exciting and fun, and 2018 is certainly the year to give it a go.  

6. Combat boots

Some argue that combat boots never faded from the spotlight, especially in cities like New York and Boston where fashionable utility-wear is a must. However combat boots are anticipated to make a huge comeback in 2018, from Dr. Martens to Prada hikers.

7. 70s is the new 90s!

From nude lips to square-toed boots to eyelid rimming shadows, the 70s in 2018 will be as the 90s was in 2017. Blush, corduroy vests, and ribbed turtlenecks are all recommended but not required.

8. Big trench coats

Perhaps Burberry is to blame for this mega trend or maybe it’s the Instagram models who look like they should be in the cast of Trainspotting. Either way, oversized trench coats of all colors will be hot this year so it’s time to start combing the Goodwill racks before it’s too late!

9. Scrunchies (again)

This one is super exciting. You have Lily Rose Depp and her friends to thank.

10. Patent leather everywhere

This trend started in 2017 but will certainly continue through to 2018 (don’t worry, you dont have to ditch your shiny black slacks yet)! Maybe swap those chunky Stuart Weitzman ‘Clinger’ boots for a vintage Prada or Chanel pointed-toe pumps to ring in the new year.

11. Micro-purses

Trendy backpacks undoubtedly dominated much of 2017’s hand accessory wave but in 2018 micro-purses might just be the new Chanel backpack. Might be time to start planning on packing lighter for the day! This one by Dior is one of my favorites.

12. Prada Prada Prada

Prada stores around the world were virtually empty in 2017 with all of their clientele hanging around Gucci and Balenciaga, but Prada is back. Revamping some early-2000s collections with a trendy 2018 twist, Prada is also reinventing itself. Time to invest!


The Rise of the Pajama Trend and How to Style It

By Alexa Portigal

Face it, everyone is a sucker for a cute pajama set. Whether you like your personal style to be reflected in your pajamas, or you’re just looking for something cozy to sleep in, creating a fashion statement out of your nighttime routine is an up-and-coming trend. Fashionista or not, who can say no to being comfortable and stylish while going to work, school, or just running errands? This simple question has led fashion designers and entrepreneurs to capitalize on a consumer’s desire to be comfy wherever they go.

With the rise of technology and an evolving modern society, the athleisure trend has been able to thrive in an ever-transforming fashion market. As a society, we are spending mass amounts of time--compared to the last generation--watching tv, playing video games, and staying at home and indoors. Because of this, more and more people are starting to move away from clothing that provides little comfort. This rise of athleisure has, in effect, paved the way for pajamas to enter into mainstream fashion. The rise of the pajama is making a statement that a consumer does not have to sacrifice function and comfort for fashion.

Pajama design has become a huge emerging market with designers creating more styles, and textiles anyone could ever need. Designers have supplied a large variety of fabrics--from cotton all the way to high-end silk--that make it possible for pajama lovers to transform their purchases into streetwear style. Along with having a style for every consumer, the versatility of the pajama is another key component that makes this trend so easy to adopt.

In most, if not all, department stores and online, there are a myriad of pajama styles that do not include the classic nightgown or the tried and true button down pajama pant set. Now, there are camisoles, dusters, every variation of bottom--floor length pajama pants all the way to a cheeky style--and many other layering opportunities that provide options for everyone. This versatility within pajama styles has made the market more inclusive to women of every shape and size. The comfortable fit and the various silhouettes diversify the product and make it easy for this trend to fit the individual needs of the everyday girl.

With new trends, such as this one, it can be hard to know where to start, and how to meld it with your own individual style. Doing some research on the most recent runway show to debut sleepwear style can be very fun and helpful on gaining inspiration for styling. The repertoire of designers who have tried their hand at sleepwear style is expansive, and can be seen in all seasons. From the fashion houses of Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and many other top and lesser-known designers, this trend has gone straight to the top, capturing the hearts, and wallets, of the garment industry’s elite. Dolce and Gabbana’s summer 2016 “Pyjama Party” collection even sported a catchy slogan, “Underwear as Outerwear Done Right.”

Along with picking up styling tips and ideas from runway shows, following the street style of your favorite celebrities or fashion icon is also a great way to keep up-to-date with the most recent trend debuts. Among the likes of the famous Hadid sisters, the Kardashian-Jenners, and the whole host of up-and-coming models and socialites, there will most likely always be a chic pajama outfit thrown into the mix. Street style photography, especially during every fashion week, is also a great source to follow for new trends and styling tips. These young influencers can dress up sleepwear style to perfection, just as much as they can dress down pajama sets in a chic and more casual way.

Gigi Hadid has been photographed wearing some of the cutest and most trend-setting pajama looks out there. In this particular look, Hadid embodies all of our fantasies about the “I just got out of bed and I look amazing” look. Her hair is pulled back, showing off her fresh, and natural makeup. The pajamas themselves are styled in a relaxed way, unbuttoned and loose to provide comfort and style. Her makeup and accessories are dressed down, however, Hadid dressed up this look by wearing strappy heels to give some dimension to the outfit.

Selena Gomez, similar to Gigi Hadid’s pajama look, has dressed up her outfit with a bold red lip and red satin shoes. Because Gomez’s pajama set is a more simple, solid color in contrast with Hadid’s striped ensemble, the pops of red elevate her outfit from bedtime to street style. Her hair styling and her accessories are minimal, showing a perfect balance between casual and bold.

Elle Fanning’s pajama look is much more dressed down than the other two looks. While Gomez chose her makeup and shoes to be the focal point of her outfit, Fanning adjusted her accessories to be understated, so that her bold pajama print would stand out. Her accessorizing is at a minimum, with a cute pair of sunglasses and a simple bag and matching shoes. The slight bling detailing on her sneakers makes her casual look into a fashion statement.

Women have been dominating the sleepwear style trend, but that doesn’t mean menswear can’t follow suit! Everyone’s favorite, Ryan Gosling, has adopted the pajama trend. His button-down silk pajama shirt is styled more casually with the sleeves rolled up, and makes for a great color-contrast with his white trousers and oxfords. Accessories are at a minimum, creating a simple and clean-cut look.

Keeping up with runway trends can become very costly. Never think that in order to adopt trends and look like your favorite celebrity or influencer you have to break the bank. With the vast world of online shopping and affordable brands, there is always going to be clothing and items that are reasonably priced, and very good designer knock-offs. You can look expensive without paying the price tag. Here are a few brands and stores with a wide variety of prices that are perfect to jump-start you into fashionable pajama streetwear.

Pajamas, Pyjamas, PJs, or whatever name you have chosen for sleepwear, have been a trend on the rise for a long time--a decade or more--and continues to make its way to the forefront of fashion. Whether you have adopted this trend, are going to, or are just not feeling it, that’s all okay! The greatest thing about trends is that you can pick and choose what you want to adopt into your personal style without having any pressure to do so. Sleepwear style is easy to follow, fun to style, and effortless to adopt, considering the fact that we all have pajamas (unless you sleep naked, and in that case I would advise you not to debut the birthday suit trend out on the street).  

Recreating Celebrity Looks

Written by Andrea Lee

Shot by Julia Aguam

Model is Andrea Lee

I’m not going to lie; dressing for the cold is hard. And on days when you can barely wake up for your 8 A.M. class, deciding what to wear is the last thing on your mind. It is, quite literally, a cinematic “grab-and-go” situation for whatever clothing that is within arm’s length and can be haphazardly layered on.

In light of those struggles that we have all experienced at one point or another, I turned to the saving grace of our generation that is the internet, and put together a few looks inspired by different celebrities’ street styles this season so you can plan ahead instead of making that last-minute morning scramble.

Starting this all off with something minimal, I recreated Zendaya’s look minus all of its sunshine glory. Instead of a white crop top, I went for a cropped sweater because warmth is the ultimate priority right now.

If you didn’t know that Hailey Baldwin is dating Shawn Mendes, then you know now. And if you didn’t know that puffer jackets are a huge trend this season, then you know that now too. I took some loose inspiration towards to the whole puffer jacket, black jeans, sweatshirt and white sneaker combo. There’s really no way to go wrong, especially since this entire look is the perfect solution to looking cute and cozy during that awkward gap between the end of your 8 a.m. class and waiting for your 10 a.m. to start.

Sometimes it’s nice to add a little “fun” to your look, and nothing does that quite like a pleated maxi skirt. Emulate Jamie Chung and pair this with a longer-length coat, and you’ve got a bold alternative for whenever you don’t want to squeeze into jeans. Pro tip: you can always hide a pair of leggings under that skirt!

I wanted to incorporate some of the spring/summer style that we have all seen for a look that is more versatile for the cold. Besides, everyone has taken some sort of styling cue from Gigi Hadid (and if you say you haven’t— I call your bluff). Layering a mock-turtleneck under a t-shirt for added warmth is always a great way to incorporate warmer weather styles, and once again, we can never pass up an opportunity to sneak in a pair of leggings under those pants.

Last but not least, we have Alexa Chung, your resident British it girl. This look is probably my favorite and something that I would recreate in a heartbeat. A blazer is a nice alternative for a coat when the weather isn’t too cold and if you think baring the majority of your feet is an insane idea, throw on some funky socks for an unexpected pop of color and warmth!  Plus, if you’re worried about looking a tad professional, nothing dresses down a blazer like denim. You can even opt for an oversized blazer too!

Best Red Carpet Looks of 2017

By Salma Falah

While the 2018 awards season is creeping up on us, it is time to reflect on the best looks of 2017. This year has been a difficult year for Hollywood, from countless sexual assault allegations to Hollywood’s constant battle with Donald Trump. However, fashion has not regressed. Here are the best red-carpet moments from 2017.


Rihanna in Comme des Garçons at the 2017 Met Gala. Rihanna, as per usual, killed the Met Gala in this avant-garde dress. In 2017, Rihanna solidified her place as a fashion icon.

Zendaya Met Gala .jpg

Zendaya’s look for the 2017 Met Gala. This look was so good it even got a shout-out from Rihanna.

Back in the days when Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were together, Selena stole the Met Gala in this Coach dress.

Emma Stone .jpg

Emma Stone’s movie La La Land may not have won Best Picture at the Oscars 2017, but she certainly won Best Dressed. Emma Stone slayed the red carpet in a gold Givenchy dress.
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Zendaya in a butterfly-inspired dress by Moschino for the Greatest Showman premiere. This may have been her second movie, but she seems like a red carpet pro.


Elle Fanning in Vivienne Westwood's 'unicorn' dress at the Cannes film festival.


Bella Hadid in an Alexandre Gauthier dress at the Cannes film festival.


Janelle Monae at the 2017 Oscars in Elie Saab.

Kim K.jpg

Kim Kardashian West in this simple but beautiful Vivienne Westwood dress.

Solange stole the show in a Gucci dress for the 2017 Grammys.

1970s Style Guide

By Salma Falah

The 1970s were a roaring time in fashion. From bright colors to crazy patterns the 70’s was all about individuality. Integrating the 70s into your style is fun, cool and stylish.  If you love standing out, vintage style and bell bottom jeans then this is for you. For anyone who wants to channel Jackie from That 70s Show but does not want to look like they are on their way to a Halloween party, this is a list of dos and don’ts when styling 70’s fashion for fall.



DO: Bell bottom jeans

These are for girls who like to stand out. You can easily style bell bottom jeans with a plain T-shirt and a belt and you are done. For a more modern twist on bell bottom jeans, check out Madewell's wide-leg crop jeans!


DON’T: Peace signs

They are cheesy. Wearing peace sign anything while wearing a 70’s style outfit will make you look like you are on your way to a costume party.



DO: White boots

The white boots trend is hot this season. You can wear them with jeans or a dress, and they pull together any look!


DON’T: Fringe vests

Not everyone will agree on this one, but fringe vests are out, at least in my opinion. If you are going to wear a fringe vest, please don’t style it with bell bottom jeans as you will look like you are on your way to a costume party.



DO: Striped sweaters

Striped sweaters are timeless. Pair them with jeans and a belt and you are set. The more colors the better! You can find striped sweater or T shirts anywhere, in any price range.


DO: Turtlenecks

A turtleneck is crucial for this fall. Whether black and basic or colorful and fun, turtle necks always work. You can style it with a jean jacket or a blazer for a colder fall day.



DO: Belts

The perfect belt ties together every outfit together perfectly. Belts were very prominent in 70s fashion, but can also be styled in a modern contemporary way.


DO: Collars

Large collars were huge in 70s fashion. They will totally pull together your look!

8 Boots You Need This Fall (All Under $150!)

By Louise-Audrey Zenezini


Florals were all over the runways this spring, and you’re sure to see them all over the streets this fall. The pair by Sole Society have a beautiful stacked wooden heel and embroidery all over the body. These are my favorite for their versatility, as the colors are neutral enough to wear every day. The second pair, by Shelly’s London, will be your fall fashion statement. They would pair incredibly with a simple white tee and jeans and would add vintage vibes to any outfit.

Find them here

Find them here


Metallics are another spring trend that is following us into the fall. The first pair from Asos will only cost you $55, which is great if you want to try out the trend, but not fully invest in a piece. These gold boots will be the centerpiece for any outfit and would look great with jeans or a dress during the holiday season! The second pair, from Vince Camuto are a pewter grey metallic, which are subtle enough to wear everyday, add a touch of cool girl grunge.

Find them here

Find them here

Kickass Black Booties for Everyday

Every girl needs a kick ass pair of wear everywhere, live in, go to, black booties. Easy to match with virtually any outfit, these are a staple you NEED in your closet. The first pair from ASOS follows the new sock trend that seems to be overtaking the boot world at the moment. They have a super cute stacked heel and a pointy toe. The second pair is your classic Chelsea boot. Ideal for comfort and their quality (they’re genuine leather!) and incredibly priced at only $71, these are a steal.

Animal Print

Animal prints may seem like a wild idea (see what I did there?), but they’re sure to become a staple in any gal's wardrobe. ASOS made a super cute pair of leopard print booties finished with Western style buckles, adding a fun twist. The Vince Camuto pair of snakeskin print, stacked heel booties are to die for, and are an elegant classic.

Brave the Rain in Style

Just because it's raining doesn’t mean you have to ruin a nice pair of shoes for the sake of fashion or wear clunky giant plastic boots. These Ted Baker Chelsea rain booties combine navy and black (which will literally match anything) in a comfortable and cute style and include a cute ‘T’ embellishment on the side. J. Crew makes a similar style, which come in a super cool camo print, all black, and the perfect shade of burgundy.

Over the Knee

Over the knee boots really came back into trend last fall, and this year they came back in cooler colors and materials than ever. I thought I would include a classic pair of black boots, and these have an added bonus of ties at the top to help them stay up. The second pair, from Zara will be the center of any outfit, with the velvet texture and their beautiful blue!



Velvet is all over the runways this season. From small velvet cuffs to full velvet dresses, this new trend can be found in so many different pieces! The first pair from Zara are a beautiful blush color, and have beautiful jeweled detailing on the front and side. They look one-of-a-kind, and would look incredible incorporated into any outfit, day or night! The second from ASOS combine the sock and velvet trends to create the softest looking pair of shoes you’ve ever seen. Plus, they're the prettiest shade of mauve!



Cut-out booties are a great way to transition from summer into fall as they are partially still open in places, yet are still booties! From day to dinner, these boots are cut out for the job. The first pair from Free People have a high stacked heel, a peep toe and a V-cut down the side. The booties from Sole Society feature buckle detailing and come in a variety of colors, plus the reviews say they are super comfortable.


Find them here

Find them here



Zara Launches “Sustainable Fashion” Line

By: Zoë Unverferth


Zara, the well known and loved worldwide fashion company, just released a “sustainable fashion” line for the 2016 fall season. In an effort to become increasingly eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, their new line, #joinlife, is made with eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton, recycled wool and Tencel, which “reduce their environmental impact”.


The line includes the latest fashion trends, with a “fusion of masculine and feminine style which defines clean silhouettes and a color palette inspired by mineral tones”, including palazzo pants, trousers, a boat neck blouse, jumpsuits and denim on denim looks and much more, all following a neutral color scheme that is perfect for this fall.


While this is a great step forward for Zara, many are questioning whether one collection will really do much to reduce their impact on the environment. Some think that it is difficult to be both a fast-fashion empire, dedicated to churning out mass amounts of clothing, as well as a company that focuses on the environmental and quality.  While I do agree that there may be a conflict of interest with the company as a whole, there is other proof that Zara is working towards incorporating different environmentally conscious elements into their business including using recycled boxes for all shipments, and supplying bins in stores for unwanted clothing to be dropped off and recycled in order to extend their lifespan.


All of the eco-friendly attention paid in the production process, including the materials used, such as cotton that requires 90% less water and Tencel, made from extracted wood fiber grown in forests that are guaranteeing reforestation through sustainable management, makes these pieces worth the extra money.


“The collection embraces a woman who looks into a more sustainable future”.


Zara, as well as other fast-fashion brands such as H&M, ASOS and Old Navy have begun the pursuit to becoming eco-friendly companies through specific fashion lines. However, one can only hope that their eco-friendly mindset and endeavors expand beyond simply a fashion line here and there, and instead become core values for each of the companies. Only time will tell!


Check out some of my favorite looks from the line below!

New York Fashion Week F/W 2016/17 Collection Review

By: Yashi Gudka

New York Fashion Week is one of the four big fashion shows to look forward to every year, and this year was no different. Fall/Winter 2016-17 collections were—as a whole—very wearable. Across many of the collections were the standard dark and earthy tones associated with the seasons; still, some collections deviated from the typical colour scheme—as was the case with the collections of Christian Siriano and Delpozo. From patchwork to embroidery and tasseling, another noticeable trend was the innovative take on denim. Prints, fur and the classic combination of black and white all plentifully appeared on the New York runways.

While there were so many shows at NYFW F/W 2016-17, my favourite collections were Proenza Schouler, Delpozo, Sally LaPointe, Reem Acra and Rodarte.

Proenza Schouler

Known for sophisticated and refined garments, Proenza Schouler defines the cool city girl—consistent in this season's collection. The collection consisted of a mostly neutral palette—reminiscent of eggshells—with the rare pop of chemical red and yellow. All outfits were perfectly tailored, with a plethora of relaxed trousers and a mix of midi and maxi skirts. A predominant criss-cross design gave a slightly edgy, athletic flair to each of the pieces. Accessories were minimalist and neutral-coloured, and the models wore black tipped boots.


In my opinion, Delpozo seems to be Eastern-influenced with its floral prints and flared kimono-like sleeves. The colour scheme was an eclectic mix of royal blue, deep red, yellow and bronze. Despite the contrasting combination of colours, the collection was quite cohesive . The flared sleeves created a strong look, which was then softened by floral minimalistic designs. The most beautiful part of the collection was the appearance of the long flower appliquéd gloves that really “feminized” the collection.

Sally DuPointe

Sally DuPointe stood out as one of the most wearable collections at NYFW. The collection was characteristic to the usual narrative of Fall-Winter collections with coats, chunky sweaters, fur, pleats, midi skirts and dresses. It completely oozed sleek and sexy. Instead of displaying the mix of wintry colours throughout the show, the collection transitioned from one colour to another. Sally DuPointe is a perfect example of classic fall/winter aesthetic done right.

Reem Accra

The first thing that I think that comes to mind about this collection is that it is pure sexiness. Flowy dress after flowy dress, everything was designed and produced with utmost attention to detail. The collection largely resembled lingerie and gave a fierce burlesque-like impression. Reem Accra’s unusual venture into dark and sultry pieces capped off with her signature pretty pastel dresses.


PFW 2016/17: Paris Fashion Week or Punks of Fashion Week?

By:Non Kuramoto

Twice a year when Paris Fashion Week rolls around, I am hit by a strange feeling of surprise—Although I feel as though I should not be, I am regularly taken aback by the number of designers that infuse our world with new blood each season. It was incredibly difficult to choose my favorites. How can I forgo touching on Chanel or Vivienne Westwood—both designed by people who shaped the fashion world today, and continue to be hipper than any of us. Still, shows from fashion houses such as Loewe with J. W. Anderson have paved a path for fellow young designers. Paris Fashion Week offered me just too many options. 

To make things a little easier, I chose to focus on punk influence in the current fashion world. I'm not just thinking punk rock style—as Vivienne Westwood would be at the top of that list—but the designers who have used this season to put up their dukes up to fashion and made us question even, what is fashion? 

Comme Des Garçons

Rei Kawakubo is no newcomer to destroying the fashion status-quo. “Imagining punks in the 18th century, which was a time of so many revolutions,” Kawakubo hits us with extreme decadence featuring wildly blooming flowers that seems to say, fashion has hit its current high, and must wilt in order to re-bloom. Her pieces are obviously not wearable—I mean, if you think they are, then more power to you—and are statements more than anything. Needless to say, they’re all sculpturally impressive pieces. The 18th century influences are apparent in the rococo style floral print, corsetry and armor-like details. The huge frills and exaggerated shoulders seem almost satirical of what “high-artistic-fashion” has become. The models, marching down the runway to “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” are simultaneously the clowns and warriors of fashion as a form of art. Kawakubo does not give us any answers, but a  pretty optimistic seeming nudge towards fashion's time to reconfigure itself.  


Vetements, a collective led by Demna Gvasalia, has been shooting up the fashion ladder as the new cool kid on the block. The brand’s ability to create high fashion out of street style has provoked so many designers, from old to new, to follow suit. This season, he set out to the push the envelope further. For starters, the show was cast on Instagram—which is not unheard of, but rare to see it done all the way through. Obscenities printed on tops seemed ironic given the setting—a church. Their garments were an edgy riff on school uniforms, with plaid, button ups, trousers and jackets coming in a variety of materials and silhouettes—a likely ode to the young people affected in the Paris attacks this past fall. Unlike Comme Des Garçons, Vetements keeps their clothes wearable for the most part. As Kawakubo stirs up the conversation through an artful PSA, Vetements—ambassadors of the social media age—is shifting the attitude from within.   

Saint Laurent

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Hedi Slimane. He and Alessandro Michele, are two designers that make my heart sing time and time again. (The rumor about his departure from Saint Laurent seemed to ruin the balance of my life. But for now, he has graced us with new works with no confirmation of the rumor, so I can continue breathing.) My personal preference aside, Slimane never ceases to surprise and set high standards, both technically and creatively, for all designers. The presentation was in a mansion with models walking down the staircase as the look numbers were called out, taking influence from the 80’s. Yes, many designers have been looking to the 80’s recently, but this is Hedi Slimane we’re talking about. He does't let us off the hook so easily, and his version of the 80’s was an impeccably built collection that paid homage to Yves Saint Laurent, yet was fully infused with the punk rock chicness that Slimane does so well. His ability to take a theme that is beginning to seem almost overdone, and then infuse it with something new is refreshing, especially when trends seem to get overspread and overused too quickly. It’s what the dream version of the 80’s we all wished we lived in looks like. The last look’s huge red coat seemed to be Slimane saying “I dare you to get on this level.” 

Some people may claim fashion is dead, but I think these designers can vouch that the only thing that’s on its way to the grave is "fashion as we knew it."

Sources: Vogue Runway

The Tucked-in Hair Trend

By: Shelby Robin

Do you want runway hair, but don't have the skill? Have you ever wanted to chop off your long locks but don't want to commit? Want to switch up your hair-do, without having to take the time to do fancy braids and twists? Or, are you just plan lazy?

All these problems can be solved with one trendy hairstyle: the hair tuck! 

The hair tuck is literally, tucking your hair into your shirt. Yes, it is that simple, but when done right, it looks effortlessly cool. Plus, anyone can take her own spin on it. Here are some ways to pull off this new trend:

The Turtleneck

The turtleneck is the natural companion for tucked in hair. Just get that sucker over your head and skip pulling out your tresses and you are ready to go. 

Wrap it Up

Another easy combination is tucking your curls into a chunky scarf. Now your hair is protected from being blown around by the wind, and can keep you toasty warm.

Casual Cool

Perfect for running errands, tucked tresses will pair well with sneakers and sweats, while still looking put together.  

All Black with Attitude

Add a relaxed edge to a structured all black outfit with this messy hairdo. This enhances the effortless ease of an all-black ensemble.

Perfect with Prep

This messy hairdo can be tamed into a classy tuck that looks very put together. This look is perfect for a J. Crew-style Sunday brunch.

Formal Function

Lastly–though it may of not have seemed possible–this hairstyle can totally be made acceptable for an evening event.  Like this example here, it can add some grunge to a lacy dress.


Milan Fashion Week A/W 2016/17 Collection Review: Who Were Milano's Women This Season?

By: Non Kuramoto

Milan Fashion Week is probably my favorite of all of the fashion weeks. Everything from the pieces that grace the runway to street style, Milan has a touch of quirk and unique flavor that makes them different from New York, London and Paris. The designers who present at Milan embrace the art of fashion; garments seen at Milan Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 did not disappointfeaturing whimsical designs, delicately crafted elements and an overarching interest in telling stories. I picked three collections from this week that bid good-bye to norm-core, and pursued truly artistic visions.  


Alessandro Michele has done it again. Only a year into his appointment as the Creative Director of Gucci, Michele has given the brand a new, and very influential, identity. A nerdy-femme aesthetic, which may as well have walked straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, was infused with a touch of ferocity this season. Her silhouettes were more structured and the prints spoke "bold," rather than "delicate." The punchy colors would give any woman in Michele’s garments the confidence and power to command a room. Michele’s collaboration with graffiti artist Trouble Andrew (a.k.a. GucciGhost) was also notable. Allowing an artist who appropriates Gucci’s signature in his pieces was a graceful combination of tradition and modernity. The black leather embossed bags reading, “Real Gucci,” was a tongue-in-cheek way for him to comment on the culture of counterfeit luxury items.     


If teenagers thought they were edgy using “lit” to describe something cool or fashionable, Jeremy Scott took it to a new level. With hashtag #itslit, Scott set Milan on fire with his new collection. A huge change from last season’s cheery construction workers, the models scowled down the runway clad in boldly colored satin, chains, leather and cigarette patterns. The Moschino woman was the high-end dominatrix; she knows her power, commands attention and has the ability to drive men mad. The second half of the show is when we found out exactly what was “lit.” Lit were the dresses, scorched and left with ragged hems. Lit was the dress with smoke spewing from the model’s trail. Lit was the dress that was also a chandelier. Although the wearability of this collection is questionable, a statement on the current state of fashion was definitely made, as well as posed: With fashion tradition being shaken up, is it time to burn everything down? And will fashion rise from the ashes like a phoenix?  

Dolce & Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana has just won everyone’s heart (if they hadn’t already), as everybody’s dream fairy godfathers. This season’s theme was princesses and fairytales, and they were not going for subtlety. Cinderella’s iconic blue dressed floated down the runway, complete with plexiglass slippers that the Tremaine sisters would have died formore reasons than just the prince’s hand. Her mice friends danced around as embroidery, and her pumpkin carriage made an appearance as a bag. A dress embroidered with an evil step-mother looking into a mirror was followed by a dress covered in apples—Snow White, embroideries of a tall tower—Rapunzel—and a sweater on which a princess is kissing a frog—Frog Prince. Sprinkling references of so many princesses in their iconic A-line shift dresses and other impeccably constructed garments, Dolce & Gabbana relentlessly brought our childhood dreams to life. They didn’t forget the princes either! Beautiful Napoleonic jackets covered in charms and encrusted with pearls and gems, would make even Prince Charming check himself out when he gets dressed.

Sources: Vogue Runway




Ode to My Sneakers

By: Ina Müller

I have a confession to make: all I ever wear is white sneakers. Every. Single. Day. It's like they grew on me the second I put them on, and we have been in love ever since. I secretly ask my neglected boots, loafers and brogues for forgiveness every time—sorry, babez. Popping out to Trader Joe´s to get my weekly chocolate fix, dragging myself to an 8 AM class, dancing until the morning light and traveling to the end of the world...we have been through a lot. Cheers to my lifelong comrade, my best friend and my partner in crime: my Reebok Classic Leathers. Thanks for your endless versatility—for always pulling my outfits together, and for saving me hours in front of the mirror. Oh, and for only being $64.99! (Girl has got to save some money).

Here is how I wear them:

Look 1: 

This outfit literally feels like a stroll through the streets of Paris, when, in fact, it's only a shopping spree on Newbury.  It is a simple look with wardrobe staples, and some cool accessories to give it a French touch.

Reebok sneakers | Alexa Chung for AG jeans | H&M shirtAcne scarfCéline bag | Norma Kamali sunglasses | Chanel nail polish

Look 2: 

The tailored pants (recycled co-op purchase!) and the coat are really chic, but the sneakers and the beanie dress it down, and play it cool! 

Reebok sneakersJoseph coat | H&M pantsEsprit sweaterH&M shirt | New Age Rebel beanie

Look 3:

And yes, white sneakers are also perfect for going out.  I love to pair my Reeboks with glittery socks, a velvet top, black skinnies and some unique rings. Oh, and a half bun, because I consider my hair-do as part of my outfit (I am not the only one, right?).

Reebok sneakers & Ashish Socks Acne jeansMango top | Vale Jewelry rings | Half Bun