Dear Freshman, Please Buy a Coat

Written by Aisling Deane

News flash: summer is over! Boo hoo, now wipe your tears and go to your local department store and pick up a coat. Now, some of you may come from places with mild climates. But, I’ll be the first one to give you a reality check. You aren’t at home. This is Boston baby. I, myself, am from Chicago but in terms of coldness they're pretty close. 

And, no, layering a sweater and a windbreaker does not constitute as wearing a coat. That logic is flawed. That’s as if you were to wear shorts with tights and call it pants. Plus, nothing compares to the coziness you get while wearing a coat on a below-freezing day. I mean, what are you trying to prove? That you're tougher than Mother Nature? I didn’t think so. Do you like spending the first 30 minutes that you enter a building trying to warm your cold, corpse-looking body? Me neither. That's why you can't use a hoodie as a winter coat. Remember this saying: get a grip, respect the drip, and get a coat that you can zip. 

There will be days where it is so cold outside that you will wake up and have a mental debate about whether you really have to go to class. It’ll be a lot easier to solve this internal conflict knowing that you won’t lose a limb on your way to your 8am. I know the main argument against a winter coat is that y'all are afraid to “mess up the fit”. But, you know what messes with the fit even more than a coat? Your skin turning blue from hypothermia. 

Look. I know. When you think of winter coats you may imagine a huge puffy piece of fabric ready to swallow you whole. And, if that’s your style (great!), you have tons of options. But, if that's not you, that’s cool too. There are endless styles, colors, and thickness of coats. For example, maybe you like to strut around the city like the style icon you are, and maybe even pull a Gossip Girl moment. In that case, I would highly recommend getting a peacoat!                                        

However, if you want to go with something a little more edgy, I would suggest a bomber jacket. Now you can compliment your colder than ice attitude with something a bit warmer. And, to just ramp up the warmth, I would recommend getting a bomber that is shearling lined. This way you wont be shivering whilst marching to the beat of your own drum.

Finally, I think it's important to touch back on our big (but lovable) friend the puffer coat. Many people generalize this type of coat as unshapely and unattractive but that simply isn't the case. Not only will your puffer coat make you the warmest person on the street, but they also make great focal points to an outfit. Imagine this, you are going ice skating on a Saturday night and you really want to make an impression. But, you don't know what to wear. Luckily, you have your brightly colored puffer to save the day. You just throw it on with a basic tee and some black leggings and suddenly all eyes are on you and your gorgeous winter coat. Plus, Billie Eilish proved this year that oversized clothes are in!

Nonetheless, if you want your waist to be snatched this winter, while staying toasty, get yourself a puffer with a belt. This is perfect as it keeps you warm while giving you that hourglass shape that everyone loves. And, a plus of this style is that they are generally longer. This is an added bonus because it’ll keep more of your body warm, making it an amazing option for people who find themselves sitting around outside, such as for the bus or the train.

While looking for a winter coat, keep in mind the type of headgear you may be using to prevent the warmth from escaping your head. If you usually wear hats, which I recommend, a fur-lined hood isn't necessarily a must. But, if you are someone who just throws their hood up, that might be something to take into consideration.                                                                  

So, all-in-all, please go buy a coat because you’re an adult now and, Winter. Is. Coming. 


A concerned Bostonian Student

The Avenue Magazine