What The Ugg?

By Daniel McGorry

Ugh is right. Uggs are back and my toes are sweating.

Image #1.jpg

Pull the fire alarms. Fire up the smoke machines. Batten down the hatches. Land ho! Uggs have stomped their way back into the fashion scene and the world may have briefly stopped spinning. Unconfirmed, but still, maybe. The past couple of seasons have seen Crocs, Juicy sweatsuits, tennis shoes, and a sense that designers just simply dont give a f*ck! And, I’m here for it. Leading the not giving a f*ck trend is Jeremy Scott with his collaboration with UGG.

The People’s Designer, Scott, has created his cult following through his irreverent, playful, and satirical take on pop culture. The fashion industry, celebrities and the world have fallen in love with his ability to start fires with his unapologetic designs (cue his Moschino Hot Cheetos dress for F/W 2014). Jeremy’s collaboration with UGG is no different.

The limited edition collection featured the iconic chestnut boot with a fired up take by Jeremy with flames and golden “Ugg Life” embroidery. He was inspired by LA Hip-Hop culture and low-riding cars. The cheeky rendition of the boot is representative of the “throwback” trend that we’re seeing now and the nostalgia of a comfier, more playful time. Think Hot Wheels, but Ugg.

Image #2.jpg

I project UGG to have its fiery moment in the fashion spotlight once more and then to move to the back of the shoe closet as fast as they came back out. In the meantime, you should embrace your inner 2000’s Christina Aguilera and break out those Uggs, sweaty toes and all.


All images courtesy of UGG Boots