RPDR Top Entrance Looks

By Daniel McGorry


RuPaul’s Drag Race is back for its 10th season and I’m ready to lose my frickin mind. Airing just a week after the traumatic finale of All Stars 3, this new season is set to be bigger than ever. Tens across the board. With surprise guest judge Christina Aguilera and cameos from dozens of past star contestants, Season 10 is coming in hotter than ever and the new queens’ entrance looks signified just that. With every season, each queen enters the workroom one at a time  to werk their first look of the season. Below are our favorite entrance looks from this season’s premier.

*This article may contains spoilers.*


After shooting for Vogue Italia, all eyes are on Aquaria for this season. Aquaria is right on trend this season in an all red outfit with elbow-length leather gloves, latex belt-bra and some sort of corseted skirt mess. She’s also sporting a punk shaved head, mullet, and mohawk combo. It’s definitely a look and I’m into it. Her look is also a nod to RPDR alum Naomi Smalls who also used no breast padding and dramatic under eye makeup.


Kameron Michaels

Whhhaaat is happening?? The world is not ready for this tatted muscle queen. With her dagger length press-ons, Kameron is serving us a major fashion moment. Wearing a white Gucci-esc floral gown and a Moschino Fall 2018 bondage chic harness, Kameron is slapping the competition with her fashion prowess. She’s hot, gay and chic, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Mayhem Miller

Glamour? I barely even know her!

Mayhem Miller is a classic Hollywood starlet with classy floor length dresses, big hair, costume jewelry and a big secret (she’s a man). Mayhem’s entrance look also screams widow of an oil tycoon who is looking to find a new, and younger, man. Her velvet body hugging dress and strong red lip shows that she is ready to play the RPDR game this season with attitude and grace. I am excited to see both how big her earings can get and what other Oscar accepting outfits she has for us.


Eureka O’Hara

I really don’t want to reference Big Bird but... Big Bird. Eureka’s entrance look took the crown for the loudest outfit with it’s explosion of bedazzled flames and three foot long fiery feathers. Even though she hasn’t been known as fashion queen, Eureka has consistently turned out eye-catching and and memorable looks. This entrance look was a bold statement for the returning fan favorite and hopefully she can continue to rise her fashion star throughout the remainder of the show. Also, shoulder pads.


Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

Vanessa may have already lost, but she looked good while doing it. Her entrance look was royalty-hoe chic with a low cut, bedazzled Leopard bodysuit and an Elizabethan era body cage. Vanessa is a fiery queen with a magnetic personality and her first outfit proved her fierce and unique style. Though she didn’t get the chance to showcase more of her fashion, Vanessa’s entrance look alone was enough to land her on the best dressed list for the premier episode.