Fashion's New Superhero: Diet Prada

By Salma Falah

For the first time in possibly forever, the fashion industry is being called out for its wrongdoings. All thanks to @diet­­_prada. Diet Prada, for those unfamiliar with it, is fashion's new superhero. The anonymous Instagram account boldly calls out designers and celebrities for copying the designs or ideas of others.

Tony Liu and Lindsay Schuyer, the two fashion experts behind the account, started it as an inside joke, before it eventually blew up. People love their authenticity, wit and humor. They are fearless and they want to see change in the fashion industry, in which there is an obvious culture of copying — which, one must note, is vastly different from taking inspiration. Their content also tackles social justice issues. By exposing different brands for employing photographers that were accused of sexual assault, to pointing out a lack of diversity in the fashion industry, Diet Prada has proven to be unafraid. But, while stars like Naomi Campbell applaud Diet Prada for their work, the pair have also managed to make a lot of enemies. LPA’s creative director, Pia Arrobia, recently Instagram storied Diet Prada, accusing them of bullying and purposefully hurting her brand.

Diet Prada offers the truth, no matter how harsh. Many see it as a means to hold both designers and the fashion industry more accountable, inspiring them in turn to be more innovative and creative.  Either way, if you are a fashion lover, following @diet_prada is a must.