Recreating Celebrity Looks

Written by Andrea Lee

Shot by Julia Aguam

Model is Andrea Lee

I’m not going to lie; dressing for the cold is hard. And on days when you can barely wake up for your 8 A.M. class, deciding what to wear is the last thing on your mind. It is, quite literally, a cinematic “grab-and-go” situation for whatever clothing that is within arm’s length and can be haphazardly layered on.

In light of those struggles that we have all experienced at one point or another, I turned to the saving grace of our generation that is the internet, and put together a few looks inspired by different celebrities’ street styles this season so you can plan ahead instead of making that last-minute morning scramble.

Starting this all off with something minimal, I recreated Zendaya’s look minus all of its sunshine glory. Instead of a white crop top, I went for a cropped sweater because warmth is the ultimate priority right now.

If you didn’t know that Hailey Baldwin is dating Shawn Mendes, then you know now. And if you didn’t know that puffer jackets are a huge trend this season, then you know that now too. I took some loose inspiration towards to the whole puffer jacket, black jeans, sweatshirt and white sneaker combo. There’s really no way to go wrong, especially since this entire look is the perfect solution to looking cute and cozy during that awkward gap between the end of your 8 a.m. class and waiting for your 10 a.m. to start.

Sometimes it’s nice to add a little “fun” to your look, and nothing does that quite like a pleated maxi skirt. Emulate Jamie Chung and pair this with a longer-length coat, and you’ve got a bold alternative for whenever you don’t want to squeeze into jeans. Pro tip: you can always hide a pair of leggings under that skirt!

I wanted to incorporate some of the spring/summer style that we have all seen for a look that is more versatile for the cold. Besides, everyone has taken some sort of styling cue from Gigi Hadid (and if you say you haven’t— I call your bluff). Layering a mock-turtleneck under a t-shirt for added warmth is always a great way to incorporate warmer weather styles, and once again, we can never pass up an opportunity to sneak in a pair of leggings under those pants.

Last but not least, we have Alexa Chung, your resident British it girl. This look is probably my favorite and something that I would recreate in a heartbeat. A blazer is a nice alternative for a coat when the weather isn’t too cold and if you think baring the majority of your feet is an insane idea, throw on some funky socks for an unexpected pop of color and warmth!  Plus, if you’re worried about looking a tad professional, nothing dresses down a blazer like denim. You can even opt for an oversized blazer too!