2018 Trend Predictions

By Taraneh Tabib-Azar

Oftentimes, the most exciting thing about ringing in a new year is seeing what trends begin to take off and make headway from the start and which trends continue to develop throughout the year. So far, 2018 has kicked off with a ton of Balenciaga, fresh dewy skin and pink clay mud masks, but let’s take a look at what trends are predicted to endure through the whole of 2018. With a ton of beloved creative directors leaving their posts at the likes of Louis Vuitton and Celine, an old classic is rumored to be making a comeback, and 2018 is their year. With cool-girl social activists replacing the Fit Tea Bali Body models of Instagram, a cultural shift is in the works and it’s sure to be reflected in the trends of 2018! 90s and early 2000s has been in but will the trends of another era begin to takeover this year? Platforms boots or dainty kitten-heeled sandals, Balenciaga or Chanel? What 2017 trends will continue into the new year and which trends will pop up and take over? Here’s a conclusive list of this year’s fashion and beauty trend predictions!

1. Burberry

That’s right. You heard it here first, folks. Burberry is predicted to be one of the hottest brands of 2018, anticipated to make a much-needed and long-awaited comeback. It’s about time! This comeback has been indicted to make a permanent fixture in this year’s trends, setting off 2018 with a Gosha Rubchinskiy collaboration which is available at Dover Street Market, reintroducing Burberry to today’s youngest consumers.

2. The Kitten Heel

Prada set the mood for 2018 shoe styles and Balenciaga just confirmed–the kitten heel is the new chunky block heel. Get ready to topple down over even the smallest of sidewalk cracks because the ultra-short kitten heel is finally back. Dior and other top designers are with it–are you?


3. ‘No makeup’ makeup

Who doesn’t love spending an hour in the morning just to end up looking like you just rolled out of bed? Whether you are a fan of the ‘no makeup’ makeup look or not, this beauty trend is predicted to be here to stay for at least a portion of 2018, so it might be time to invest in a few more Glossier products if you haven’t already!

4. The farmer’s daughter look

Thanks to professional it-girls like Petra Collins, Kaia Gerber and Selena Gomez, a new wave of farmer’s daughter looks tossed with coming of age social despondency vibes and chunky combat boots are predicted to take over. Ready or not, here it comes!

5. Mismatched earrings are the new tattoo stretch chokers

Symmetry is out and disorder is in, from mismatched plaids to uneven earrings this year! Try a hoop on one ear and a stud on the other! Throwing people off is exciting and fun, and 2018 is certainly the year to give it a go.  

6. Combat boots

Some argue that combat boots never faded from the spotlight, especially in cities like New York and Boston where fashionable utility-wear is a must. However combat boots are anticipated to make a huge comeback in 2018, from Dr. Martens to Prada hikers.

7. 70s is the new 90s!

From nude lips to square-toed boots to eyelid rimming shadows, the 70s in 2018 will be as the 90s was in 2017. Blush, corduroy vests, and ribbed turtlenecks are all recommended but not required.

8. Big trench coats

Perhaps Burberry is to blame for this mega trend or maybe it’s the Instagram models who look like they should be in the cast of Trainspotting. Either way, oversized trench coats of all colors will be hot this year so it’s time to start combing the Goodwill racks before it’s too late!

9. Scrunchies (again)

This one is super exciting. You have Lily Rose Depp and her friends to thank.

10. Patent leather everywhere

This trend started in 2017 but will certainly continue through to 2018 (don’t worry, you dont have to ditch your shiny black slacks yet)! Maybe swap those chunky Stuart Weitzman ‘Clinger’ boots for a vintage Prada or Chanel pointed-toe pumps to ring in the new year.

11. Micro-purses

Trendy backpacks undoubtedly dominated much of 2017’s hand accessory wave but in 2018 micro-purses might just be the new Chanel backpack. Might be time to start planning on packing lighter for the day! This one by Dior is one of my favorites.

12. Prada Prada Prada

Prada stores around the world were virtually empty in 2017 with all of their clientele hanging around Gucci and Balenciaga, but Prada is back. Revamping some early-2000s collections with a trendy 2018 twist, Prada is also reinventing itself. Time to invest!