Athleisure: The Key to a Hectic Day

By Emily Perez
Photographed by Vrusti Patel

Up late studying for that test the night before, you roll out of bed in the morning ready to go for the long day ahead, and last thing you want to do is rummage through your drawers looking for the best comfortable and chic outfit for the day. When faced with this strife, your answer is the stereotypical college outfit choice of “athleisure.” While you might call this a lazy day, it doesn’t have to be. You may be surprised about how many people will compliment your cute Lululemon leggings and your comfy sweatshirt. Athleisure is quickly becoming a new fashion trend in itself in the United States.

Athletic clothes have changed from something you wear for an hour at the gym, and then rush home to change out of, to something you can wear on a normal day. As everyday styles have started to move more toward comfort rather than classic, athleisure is becoming more and more of a prominent style.

Another reason people like athletic clothes is because of how versatile they are. No matter the season, you can always wear athletic clothes. Leggings can be paired just as easily with a tank-top or crop-top in the summer as they can with a sweater in the winter.

You can see how fast it’s become popular not only on college campuses, but also in popular culture and on social media. Simply open your Instagram, and you’ll immediately be bombarded with images of many models and celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hidad and Selena Gomez who have been spotted in their street-style athleisure while running errands. Many celebrities, like Demi Lovato and Beyoncé, have even profited from this trend by creating their own athletic clothes brands.

Having a few pairs of athleisure pants and tops lying around is the key to a fashionable outfit on a hectic day. One that makes you feel comfortable and confident enough to take on the day without the hassle of having to scavenge through your closet for the perfect outfit.

A few sets of Athleisure clothing can go a long way. For example, a couple pairs of leggings or fitted sweats from PINK, Lululemon, Primark, or Uniqlo can easily be paired with so many things. You can pair them with a fitted pullover from Lululemon, a fuzzy sweater from express, a soft sweater from Marshalls, or even a more classic top from Zara to dress it up. Depending on the weather, your athleisure outfit can be paired with a simple pair of Adidas, a comfy pair of Nike’s, or for colder days, your winter boots, a pair of Uggs or even your duck boots.

Athleisure has become an important element of fashion and is a trend that is spreading to all different settings, from school to the workplace. So the next time you are having a rushed morning or just need to wear something comfy, just remember your sets of athleisure clothes and you are set with a trendy outfit to go take on the day.