The Rise of the Pajama Trend and How to Style It

By Alexa Portigal

Face it, everyone is a sucker for a cute pajama set. Whether you like your personal style to be reflected in your pajamas, or you’re just looking for something cozy to sleep in, creating a fashion statement out of your nighttime routine is an up-and-coming trend. Fashionista or not, who can say no to being comfortable and stylish while going to work, school, or just running errands? This simple question has led fashion designers and entrepreneurs to capitalize on a consumer’s desire to be comfy wherever they go.

With the rise of technology and an evolving modern society, the athleisure trend has been able to thrive in an ever-transforming fashion market. As a society, we are spending mass amounts of time--compared to the last generation--watching tv, playing video games, and staying at home and indoors. Because of this, more and more people are starting to move away from clothing that provides little comfort. This rise of athleisure has, in effect, paved the way for pajamas to enter into mainstream fashion. The rise of the pajama is making a statement that a consumer does not have to sacrifice function and comfort for fashion.

Pajama design has become a huge emerging market with designers creating more styles, and textiles anyone could ever need. Designers have supplied a large variety of fabrics--from cotton all the way to high-end silk--that make it possible for pajama lovers to transform their purchases into streetwear style. Along with having a style for every consumer, the versatility of the pajama is another key component that makes this trend so easy to adopt.

In most, if not all, department stores and online, there are a myriad of pajama styles that do not include the classic nightgown or the tried and true button down pajama pant set. Now, there are camisoles, dusters, every variation of bottom--floor length pajama pants all the way to a cheeky style--and many other layering opportunities that provide options for everyone. This versatility within pajama styles has made the market more inclusive to women of every shape and size. The comfortable fit and the various silhouettes diversify the product and make it easy for this trend to fit the individual needs of the everyday girl.

With new trends, such as this one, it can be hard to know where to start, and how to meld it with your own individual style. Doing some research on the most recent runway show to debut sleepwear style can be very fun and helpful on gaining inspiration for styling. The repertoire of designers who have tried their hand at sleepwear style is expansive, and can be seen in all seasons. From the fashion houses of Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and many other top and lesser-known designers, this trend has gone straight to the top, capturing the hearts, and wallets, of the garment industry’s elite. Dolce and Gabbana’s summer 2016 “Pyjama Party” collection even sported a catchy slogan, “Underwear as Outerwear Done Right.”

Along with picking up styling tips and ideas from runway shows, following the street style of your favorite celebrities or fashion icon is also a great way to keep up-to-date with the most recent trend debuts. Among the likes of the famous Hadid sisters, the Kardashian-Jenners, and the whole host of up-and-coming models and socialites, there will most likely always be a chic pajama outfit thrown into the mix. Street style photography, especially during every fashion week, is also a great source to follow for new trends and styling tips. These young influencers can dress up sleepwear style to perfection, just as much as they can dress down pajama sets in a chic and more casual way.

Gigi Hadid has been photographed wearing some of the cutest and most trend-setting pajama looks out there. In this particular look, Hadid embodies all of our fantasies about the “I just got out of bed and I look amazing” look. Her hair is pulled back, showing off her fresh, and natural makeup. The pajamas themselves are styled in a relaxed way, unbuttoned and loose to provide comfort and style. Her makeup and accessories are dressed down, however, Hadid dressed up this look by wearing strappy heels to give some dimension to the outfit.

Selena Gomez, similar to Gigi Hadid’s pajama look, has dressed up her outfit with a bold red lip and red satin shoes. Because Gomez’s pajama set is a more simple, solid color in contrast with Hadid’s striped ensemble, the pops of red elevate her outfit from bedtime to street style. Her hair styling and her accessories are minimal, showing a perfect balance between casual and bold.

Elle Fanning’s pajama look is much more dressed down than the other two looks. While Gomez chose her makeup and shoes to be the focal point of her outfit, Fanning adjusted her accessories to be understated, so that her bold pajama print would stand out. Her accessorizing is at a minimum, with a cute pair of sunglasses and a simple bag and matching shoes. The slight bling detailing on her sneakers makes her casual look into a fashion statement.

Women have been dominating the sleepwear style trend, but that doesn’t mean menswear can’t follow suit! Everyone’s favorite, Ryan Gosling, has adopted the pajama trend. His button-down silk pajama shirt is styled more casually with the sleeves rolled up, and makes for a great color-contrast with his white trousers and oxfords. Accessories are at a minimum, creating a simple and clean-cut look.

Keeping up with runway trends can become very costly. Never think that in order to adopt trends and look like your favorite celebrity or influencer you have to break the bank. With the vast world of online shopping and affordable brands, there is always going to be clothing and items that are reasonably priced, and very good designer knock-offs. You can look expensive without paying the price tag. Here are a few brands and stores with a wide variety of prices that are perfect to jump-start you into fashionable pajama streetwear.

Pajamas, Pyjamas, PJs, or whatever name you have chosen for sleepwear, have been a trend on the rise for a long time--a decade or more--and continues to make its way to the forefront of fashion. Whether you have adopted this trend, are going to, or are just not feeling it, that’s all okay! The greatest thing about trends is that you can pick and choose what you want to adopt into your personal style without having any pressure to do so. Sleepwear style is easy to follow, fun to style, and effortless to adopt, considering the fact that we all have pajamas (unless you sleep naked, and in that case I would advise you not to debut the birthday suit trend out on the street).