Time's Up at the Golden Globes

Written By: Salma Falah

This year’s Golden Globes was not about movies, television, Hollywood drama, or even fashion; it was about a cause. After years of sexual misconduct in Hollywood and across many other industries, the women in Hollywood decided that time is up. Taking a stand against sexual assault, many celebrities wore black dresses to this year’s Golden Globes in protest.

Me too.jpg

There are many important things to take away from Times Up. Firstly, it is not new, not even close. This is just the first time this issue is being openly discussed. Secondly, we cannot let this issue fade away, like we let most things. We cannot forget it. We need to work on changing the culture across many industries. We need to believe victims, instead of shaming them. Moreover, this is not solely a women’s issue. Two of the world’s most notorious fashion photographers, Mario Testino and Bruce Weber, were both accused by countless male models of sexual assault. Lastly, while wearing black dresses is a great gesture, it is not enough.

It is sad that we have to praise the women and men speaking out against sexual assault. There is no grey area. It should unanimous. Sexual assault is bad. There are no arguments. However, there are some celebrities who are doing more than speaking out and wearing black clothing. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, and Brandon Maxwell all donated dresses worn by some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities to be auctioned and donated to time’s up. Moreover, Olympic gymnast, McKayla Maroney was originally not allowed to speak at Dr. Larry Nassar sentencing because she signed an NDA, but celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Kristen Bell stepped forward and offered to pay her $100,000 fine, allowing her to speak.

It is a shame that these truly evil people get away with their crimes for so long. It is disappointing that they were able to manipulate their victims into silence. It is heartbreaking that sexual assault is a norm across so many industries. However, movements like Me too and Time’s Up are going to change the world. They are going to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. They are going to teach boys the right way to act. They are going to show girls that they deserve more, and that they are capable of anything. Wearing a black dress may not be enough, but it is certainly a start. And like Oprah said, “a new day is on the horizon.”