Styling Blanket Scarves

By Isabelle Hahn

I would have to say that my favorite thing to wear during the winter is a blanket scarf, and I’m so glad the trend has stuck around. This cozy fashion accessory adds a statement to any outfit, and who doesn’t want to be wrapped in a blanket when walking around in the cold?

What is a blanket scarf? You’ll know one when you see one. These scarves are oversized and give serious comfy vibes. Unlike the usual scarves, which are long and rectangular, most blanket scarves are square and made of thicker material. It’s hard to point to where the blanket scarf trend originated, but it picked up some serious speed after Lenny Kravitz was spotted wearing one in 2012 and the internet went crazy.

Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

Here are some easy ways to incorporate these giant scarves into your everyday wardrobe:

The Drape

This is my favorite way to style blanket scarves, and hands down the easiest. The name is exactly what is sounds like, just drape the scarf around your neck – no looping, knotting or folding necessary. I always do this when I want to add an extra layer of warmth right before running out the door, or an extra pop of color to an outfit. If you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed, since the scarf is basically the size of a blanket, pairing it with a skirt or dark jeans and a blouse is the way to go. The result is chic, effortless and warm.

BGBG2563 (1).jpg
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The Cape

After folding your square blanket scarf into a triangle, drape the long ends over your shoulders so the point of the triangle is draped over your back. For an added touch, tie the loose ends in a knot.


If you don’t want to tie the ends of it, you can also use a belt to cinch the waist, sort of like a poncho.

The Wrap

Taking the same first steps as before, folding your scarf into a triangle and placing the ends on your shoulders, shift one end so that it’s a little bit longer than the other. Then place the longer end over your shoulder under the rest of the scarf. This asymmetric wrap looks great with turtlenecks, because it allows your sweater to peak through.


The Usual

Fold your scarf into a triangle, leaving the triangle in front of you and looping the ends behind you. Voila! Easy. Rock this cozy casual style with a sweater or sweatshirt.

The Knot

For something a little more complex than the classic wrap-around, fold the scarf into a triangle, wrap it around your neck so the triangle is pointing down, grab the ends and put them inside the triangle.


Over the Shoulder

Tying the scarf over one shoulder gives off an easygoing vibe, and is great to pair with jeans.

BGBG2556 (1).jpg


Start by keeping your scarf open, no need to fold it for this style. Take your scarf and knot the ends of it together, creating one big loop. Then loop the circle around your neck twice, making a double circle.

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