LIVING THE THREE C’s: Cute, Comfy and Confident

Written & Photographed by Sade Adewunmi
Models: Christina Philippides and Dana Saltz

As fall settles, fashion trends start to shift to a more cozy scene, but this does not mean summer confidence should be left out in the cold. In fact, this fall embrace the comfort of the cold, while still holding on to the confidence from the warmth. Comfortable fashion selections will no longer come at the sacrifice of all that is cute, at least not in loungewear.

Loungewear is the chameleon of fashion. It is able to adjust and adapt to absolutely anything, never having to sacrifice the feeling of comfort for the feeling of confidence. So this autumn, fall in love with loungewear that you can Netflix the day away in, as well as take some cute snaps.

These white flutter shorts and the teddy scarf embody the welcoming feeling of home, but the grey cropped sweater proves that you can still show off your summer belly button piercing.


The notion that wearing loungewear does not exude confidence is one we are here to squash. Loungewear can be equally as cute or as comfortable as you decide to make it. As long as you feel confident and radiant in it, because that is truly what matters.

If you are always itching for a chance to channel your inner Gossip Girl, then this fall loungewear will give you just that chance. Oh yes, we are talking about those iconic Constance high socks. Pair any neutral toned color, black, grey or white, high socks with your favorite oversized flannel and matching bralette, and release the inner Serena Van Der Woodsen that lives within us all.

The simplicity and softness of the flannel accentuates that warm autumn feeling, while also seamlessly transitioning from bed to breakfast.

Our obsession are the high socks, giving the effect of glamorous Serena-esque legs, that can make even a 5’7 girl look 5’11.

This Gossip Girl inspired combination embodies all that is cute, comfy and confident in loungewear.


Remember that sporty confidence we had back in July? Now that it is November, we cannot let that fire disappear. With just a little fashion creativity, there is a way to keep the bubbly feeling of summer as we head further into sweater weather. These fall loungewear pieces are inspired by comfort found in activewear and athleisure, and using those styles to reignite our love for Sporty Spice.

These cozy grey ribbed leggings are softer than a cloud and lighter than air. Everything you can do in traditional leggings, these can do. Everything you love about traditional leggings, you will love about these. Except these legging have the added bonus that they actually allow your legs breathe while in them. The stylish burgundy top can be replaced with any top, cropped or oversized, as long as you feel like you can sport your stuff in the outfit.  

What I love about loungewear is the idea that I no longer have to choose. Gone are the days of feeling uncomfortable in what you feel best accentuates your features, and no longer shall we fall prey to choosing comfortability in that old shirt that we are ashamed to pull out at sleepovers. Now we can enjoy both the coziness of our bed in our fashion trends.

This November we are living the three C’s: Cute, Comfy and Confident.