5 Statement Coats for Winter

Written By Salma Falah

Now that it is finally getting cold in Boston, coats are a vital part of every wardrobe. However, I keep seeing the same boring black coats over and over again. In my opinion, everybody should have at least one fun, bold coat. It is not getting warmer, so coats are going to be an everyday necessity. Why wear something dull every single day? If you invest in bold, funky coat you can style it easily with a basic top and jeans. It will make you feel confident, but, most importantly, it will bring a little color to the dreary winter to come. Therefore, I heavily recommend that you make a statement this winter!

While shopping for coats, stores like Intermix and Neta Porter have amazing merchandise, but they are extremely pricey. For quality coats that won’t break the bank, I recommend Zara, ASOS, and Urban Outfitters. Below are my five-favorite statement coats this season!

1.     This coat was my dream coat as a child. The fact that it is in this season brings me so much joy. The pink is so fun, and will make anyone’s day a little bit better. With this coat, the cool outfit opportunities are endless.

2.     Yellow is by far my favorite color this season. Styled with a turtleneck, a t-shirt, or a basic top, this chic coat will always look good.

3.     Another yellow coat just because I am such a fan! However, this coat has an edgier vibe to it, and will keep you feeling warm and looking stylish!

4.     This leopard coat is so cool, but it so easily can be styled wrong. Never wear it with a very busy outfit, because it can very quickly go from cool to cheesy.

5.     This coat is amazingly versatile. It can be styled with a sweatshirt, t-shirt, collared shirt, and, honestly, anything else. Plaid coats like this are everywhere this season, but I believe the best price and quality can be found at Zara.