Styling Schoolgirl Fashion at Any Age

Schoolgirl-inspired fashion has been around just as long as school uniforms, with each fall bringing an updated take on the everlasting trend. It seems pleats and plaid will quite possibly never go out of style, making the trend easy to restyle every year. Whether it be with pleated skirts, knee-high socks, or a snappy blazer, schoolgirl style is an easy way to look cute without having to put in too much effort.

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A pleated skirt is a staple of schoolgirl style and my personal favorite piece of the look. The wide variety of pleated skirts in stores this season has me online shopping far too often, ogling everything from the mid-length metallic skirts to the classic plaid minis. As the temperature drops, tights or knee-high socks can be added to the look so you don’t get cold crossing campus.

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Another bonus of wearing these adorable skirts is that they can be easily paired with many different styles of tops. Flowy button-downs, fitted turtlenecks, or your favorite fall sweater can be easily tucked into the skirt of your choice, adding personal flair to the style.


One way to differentiate your take on the trend is with shoe choice. You can keep it classic with a pair of oxfords or loafers, or you can mix it up with some fun boots. Ankle boots and over-the-knee boots are both having major fashion moments right now and when paired with the right skirt or dress, they can take an outfit from simple to statement.  

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Blazers are the perfect schoolgirl outerwear, carrying class and prep, and coming in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. Varying from lightweight cotton to heavy wool, blazers can fit into your wardrobe from September through November. Not only do they provide warmth and style, but they can be worn for a myriad of events from casual hangouts to class presentations.

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To complete any outfit, you need to accessorize. As long as there have been school uniforms, girls have been rebelling from the uniformity by accessorizing their simple outfit with unique features. Without the restrictions of a dress code, the trend can be spiced up with eye-catching statement shoes, cute hair accessories, trendy backpacks, colorful bandanas, classy jewelry, or whatever your heart desires. The limits are endless when styling schoolgirl fashion and that’s why I love it so much!     

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Some of my schoolgirl style inspiration has come from the fabulous outfits worn by Blaire Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl. Pairing their school uniforms with cute shoes, accessories, and of course Blaire’s iconic headbands, the show sets an excellent example on how to execute the trend — and proves how long it has been in style. Whether strutting around the Upper East Side or just crossing Centennial Commons, schoolgirl style is everywhere and it is here to stay.