Transitioning Summer Pieces to Fall

By Sofia Bergmann

The leaves are turning, the breeze is picking up and warm beach days are mostly behind us—but that doesn’t mean we have to put our favorite sundresses on the back burner quite yet. It’s always a melancholy feeling when we start replacing our crop tops with turtlenecks and sandals with boots. The much anticipated cozy ‘sweater weather’ gives a slight reminder that the sunny strolls to class in our favorite back-to-school outfit are now a light jog escaping the wind and puddles on the pavement.

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With some fashion creativity, there is a way to keep that giddy feeling of a cute summer outfit just a little longer so those trends we loved don't disappear into our mental filing cabinet full of other past trends. Layering, recycling and mismatching of different clothing is the best way to make unique summer outfits that keep you glowing through the rain and wind of fall.  

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When you're itching to wear that adorable tank top you sported back in July, layer it over a white long sleeve or a turtleneck. Not only can you turn a more revealing summer top into a trendy and more conservative get-up, but it also keeps you cozy. This trend of layering a tank over a simple t shirt was very successful over the summer, so why not keep it going with a long sleeve to keep you warmer in the fall? Problem solved.




All those sun dresses, rompers and skirts that we didn't seem to wear enough this summer don’t need to be forgotten until spring break. Instead of adhering to the normal boots-with-jeans look, wear your favorite winter boots under those dresses, adding tights or fun socks if you want a little spice. Now you can look fly as ever rocking a gorgeous summer dress while keeping your legs warm.


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It’s all about the jackets and shoes. A trendy jacket and some statement shoes can turn any bland outfit into a show-stopper. This means you can use shoes and jackets to turn a summer outfit into a fall outfit—it’s that simple. If you switch out your sandals with some booties or sneakers, and pants instead of shorts, you’re halfway there. Throw your favorite denim, bomber or other jacket over your look, add a scarf if needed, and you can sport any summer outfit in the fall months.


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Summer pants are here to stay. If you loved some of this summer’s intricate, colorful, unique flowy pants and are sad to see them go, you’re in luck. All those fun pants we saw hitting the streets and beaches this summer are far from outdated this fall. That means florals, stripes, bright patches, gold, silver and everything in between are fair game for the coming months. Fall Fashion Week’s looks along with trending fall collections only validate the prominence of this universally loved trend of statement pants—now you can keep your summer colors and their effortless beauty even in the fall.