The Tucked-in Hair Trend

By: Shelby Robin

Do you want runway hair, but don't have the skill? Have you ever wanted to chop off your long locks but don't want to commit? Want to switch up your hair-do, without having to take the time to do fancy braids and twists? Or, are you just plan lazy?

All these problems can be solved with one trendy hairstyle: the hair tuck! 

The hair tuck is literally, tucking your hair into your shirt. Yes, it is that simple, but when done right, it looks effortlessly cool. Plus, anyone can take her own spin on it. Here are some ways to pull off this new trend:

The Turtleneck

The turtleneck is the natural companion for tucked in hair. Just get that sucker over your head and skip pulling out your tresses and you are ready to go. 

Wrap it Up

Another easy combination is tucking your curls into a chunky scarf. Now your hair is protected from being blown around by the wind, and can keep you toasty warm.

Casual Cool

Perfect for running errands, tucked tresses will pair well with sneakers and sweats, while still looking put together.  

All Black with Attitude

Add a relaxed edge to a structured all black outfit with this messy hairdo. This enhances the effortless ease of an all-black ensemble.

Perfect with Prep

This messy hairdo can be tamed into a classy tuck that looks very put together. This look is perfect for a J. Crew-style Sunday brunch.

Formal Function

Lastly–though it may of not have seemed possible–this hairstyle can totally be made acceptable for an evening event.  Like this example here, it can add some grunge to a lacy dress.