It’s Socks O’Clock

By:  Ina Müller

Everyone has an opinion about socks (me included). For some it is the itchy thing your aunt always gets you for Christmas (and you secretly hide in the depths of your overflowing closet, year after year). For others it’s what grandpas pair with sandals and a walking stick. In any case, however, they should be a style statement that you happily show off!

It is a universal truth that in fashion, socks are a real thing to consider now. Socks are your best friend that magically transform the most boring outfit into something more. They are your dry shampoo for overslept mornings, your mac ‘n’cheese for hangovers– basically the thing to cling to when in fashion despair.

Confused about what this could look like? Take a look.

These it-girls just know how to work it! Eliot Sumner and Alexa Chung both sport their grey socks with a cool pair of brown brogues.

Sequined socks and the Reebok Classic Leather for a night out, and definitely makes you standout from the boring LBD and heels crowd. Glittery socks are also look great for your casual everyday look.

Socks can definitely spice up a simple pair of white sneakers.

These ladies are the perfect proof that even loafers and socks (think grandpa-style!) can look incredibly stylish! Model Agyness Deyn even makes white socks and loafers work.