Top 5 Tips for Secondhand Shopping

By Ina Müller

Secondhand shopping is great! You can find the most amazing, unique pieces, save money and even do your part to help fight environmental pollution. Since trends such as ‘Slow Fashion’ or ‘Green Fashion’ have been emerging in recent years, it even en vogue, too. So grab your girlfriends, hit up the closest secondhand shop and use these tips to make sure you score the best gems.

1. Know the Secondhand Shops

First get clear what you are looking for: luxury brands such as Chanel and Burberry, or more mainstream brands? At 2nd Time Around you will definitely find some designer brands; shops such as Garment District or Buffalo Exchange feature a more 'vintagey' look. Also, be aware of when the stores put out new stock and if they have any discount days.

2. Have Time

Second hand shopping requires a lot of browsing, so you should have some free time on your hands. Bring your friends to make it more fun and enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

3. Check the Quality

Don’t buy anything stained or damaged that you can’t fix (holes, embellishments that are falling off etc.). It is just a waste of money, even if it seems like a great deal first. Believe me, you will never get the stain out. Never ever.

4. Be Prepared to Go to the Tailor

Not all secondhand clothes are going to fit you perfectly; the sleeves might be a tiny bit too long, the waist just a bit too loose; you get the idea. Since you already save money buying it second hand, you shouldn’t be afraid to go to the tailor. I usually pay around $15 to $20 for minor alterations, which is totally worth the investment. 

5. Wash it or Have it Dry-Cleaned

Before you wear your new piece, you definitely want to wash it or have it dry-cleaned. I even do this for clothes I get at high street stores, but I’m especially picky about it when it comes to second hand clothing. You just never know where it has been before.