Fashion Week Street Style

By Yutika Ghiya

While the runways have considerable glitz and glam to show to the world during each city’s fashion week, the real oomph unarguably lies on the street.  We at Fashion & Retail Society rightly recognize that, and bring to you lovelies the hottest looks to warm you up as the temperatures drop mercilessly so.


White Sight

The charm of that shirt white,
thou could never truly fight.

always makes for a pleasant sight!

Pajamas? Pants? Let's settle for Pantjamas

Don’t want to get out of you jammies but still want to look chic as hell? Well kids, this is exactly how you do it! Comfort has never looked better, especially now that it is color coordinated top to bottom.

Off the Shoulder, On the Radar

Having been worn by every fashion blogger that there is, this piece really is trendiest thing this season. Fun, flirtatious, it most definitely is our number one crush right now.

Speak Uo

It was about time fashion started responding to societal conventions. Speak your mind through your clothes!


Too Good to Miss

And if that wasn’t enough to quench your fashion appetite, we got a tiny bit more for you. All the other looks that sent our style-o-meter raging!