5 Go-To Beauty Products for your Daily Spring Look

Written by Dipshika Chawla
Photographed by Anushka Sagar

Spring is just round the corner and warm weather is definitely what we are all eagerly looking forward to. Here’s a little about how I would go about my daily look this Spring, after snoozing my alarm at least four times (maybe ten) leaving with me little to no time to get ready.

1. Don’t Forget to Moisturise
Regardless of it being no longer winter, your skin needs that hydration! Perhaps it is time to switch to something lightweight if your winter moisturiser is too much for you. As we want this look to be quick and easy, a tinted moisturiser or anything along the lines of a BB/CC cream or even a little-to-medium coverage foundation (try to use products with SPF to shield you from the long-awaited sunny days) would be the perfect place to start. Remember, less is more! Try to minimize the use of products on your face, as you don’t want your makeup to melt or cake in the heat! A thin layer of tinted moisturiser should be perfect to even out your skin tone.


2. Blush, Bronze or Glow?
While most people believe blush, bronze and highlight go hand-in-hand, I don’t think you need to wear all three everyday. Pick your favourite for the day and stick to it! By doing so you’re avoiding a full-fledge makeup look and saving time. Personally, I say go with the highlight because nothing compares to a radiant, healthy flush in the sunlight!


3. Mascara and Eyeliner
After a long night of studying or partying this time of year, mascara is your safest bet to mask the droopy eyes. It magically makes your eyes pop and just a few thin coats should give you the desired bright-eyed look. I wear non-waterproof mascara as I it’s unquestionably easier to remove, however if you plan on staying out all day or indulging in outdoor activities, you might want to switch to a water-resistant mascara for the spring! If you do invest in waterproof mascara, you can bank on it till the end of summer and then switch back to your regular mascara (as mascara expires in 3 months anyway!). Some of us prefer eyeliner and that’s perfect too. Eyeliner can make all the difference and I would say experiment with it. Springtime is probably the most appropriate time of the year to try different colors like teal, grey or anything new. You can even ditch the basic black for a soft brown if you don’t wish to go full color.

4. Lip Tint
This is the time to ditch the darker colours like purple and berry shades from your fall/winter collection. Keep it natural and fresh with shades of pinks, oranges or soft reds. To keep the glowy look going, try using soft mattes, sheer or glossy textures.

5. Setting Spray
This is probably not a priority for most people, but once you begin using setting spray there’s absolutely no going back! It will definitely help lock your makeup in place and make it more durable. For daily use, go for something mild instead of something professional. You can also find something more multipurpose such as Tarte’s 4-in-1 setting mist or a mist from the Pixi collection!

Models: Arushi Sood and Dipshika Chawla