How To: Fierce Brows Without Breaking Your Budget

By Kaela Anderson

We all know that finding the perfect brow product can be a struggle. From finding the right shade for you, to using more than one product to get the look you desire, it gets to be a bit exhausting—not to mention shopping for makeup can really break your budget.

Ranging from $5 to $30, here are some brow products that definitely won’t break your bank.

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For someone who has naturally darker eyebrows, you might not see much of a difference from brows without product, to some, for a more of a natural brow look. Everyone prefers different brow shapes and shades, so how you use the products is up to your preference!

$10 - AVON Makeup Design Palette

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First, I used this amazing AVON Makeup Design Palette, which is priced around $10 on Amazon. I used the Chocolate shade to give a richer, and fuller look to her brows. The catch for this palette is that you need to use some sort of makeup or brow brush in order to apply the product.

$24 - NARS Brow Gel

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Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 7.34.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 7.35.45 PM.png
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Last but not least, for an alternative approach to typical eyebrow products, I decided to show this super affordable, super awesome way to get a natural brow look. After getting into the pits of Youtube, I discovered that a lot of celebs and beauty gurus choose to use mascara for their brows, instead of buying an extra product.

This Maybelline mascara works similarly to the NARS brow product, as it hardens after applying it, to get your brow that lasting shape it so desperately needs. Because it’s a mascara, it doesn’t fill your brows as much as an actual brow product would, but it still does that trick.

After applying the mascara, it can be a little clumpy, so I applied the Anastasia clear brow gel to even everything out. (Keep in mind that depending on the mascara you use, you won’t necessarily come into the “clump” problem, so the extra grow gel isn’t always needed.)

A product that I’m desperately waiting to get my hands on is the Boy Brow by Glossier. For someone like me who’s more into a “natural” makeup look, I’ve been told this product works wonders. Priced at $30, it’s by far the most expensive product listed, so hopefully, it’ll be worth it. For now, these products are sure to help you achieve the brows you desire, whether bold or natural.

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