The Coolest Winter Beauty Trend

By Halle Butler and Taylor Colton


Winter is coming and it’s robbing us of our favorite fall outfits—First of all, rude. As the temperature drops, so do our options. That excitement about skirts and leather jackets is disappearing as the freezing weather makes us swap bandanas for blanket scarves. But here’s how to beat the winter blues: wearing blue (in the coolest way possible).

While the weather may limit your wardrobe, it can’t touch your beauty look. When it comes to cosmetics, you’ve got free reign to rock whatever style suits you, no matter the weather. The easiest way to express yourself while you’re stuck wearing that big parka all winter can be through your makeup and nails. Channel your inner ice queen and take charge of your style through one of our favorite trends: frosted metallics. Rose gold isn’t going anywhere, but it can make room for some new, cooler tones. These pale blue hues are a super chill way to slay all season.




Sometimes it’s not about what’s on your nail, it’s about what isn’t. While you’re bundling up in the freezing wind, you can still bare some skin through a nail design. Negative space nail art is a sleek, edgy look that’s taking this season by (snow) storm. The best part? You don’t even have to paint your whole nail!


The Design

Instead of painting your entire nail, just cover half of it diagonally from corner to corner. Think your nails are too short for nail art? Angled designs actually give the nail an elongating look. Better yet, you can’t even tell when it grows out because it’s clear at the bottom! You can do this design only using the brush in the bottle. But if you’re a perfectionist, feel free to use a teeny liner brush to make that perfect straight line. Clean up around your cuticles with a rectangular brush dipped in acetone.

The Color

Metallics go with everything, but blue metallics are a little more unexpected. Whether you’re into something more pale and subtle, or deep and muted, there’s a cool-tone shade for the cool-girl in you. Essie alone has two icy blue shades: Blue Rhapsody and Girly Grunge, so you’re sure to find your perfect match. Not so daring? Silver works just as well.



Thought blue eyeshadow was only for cartoons? Think again. Cold weather calls for bold colors, and you can wear them without going overboard. Paired with natural-toned face makeup, a piercing blue eye shimmer is the perfect accent.  It also comes in handy if you need to give someone an icy stare.


The Eyes

Start with a primer for the eyes (this photoshoot used the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Original) to keep the color on throughout the day. After priming the eyelid, place some translucent powder underneath the eye. Pro-tip: This helpful trick makes sure any fall-out can be wiped away later.

Now it's time to start blending and adding in some color. But we’re actually going to start this blue by laying down a cool-toned brown shade first. Blending brown tones into the crease of the eye gives the illusion of larger eyes. Once the cool-toned brown shadow is blended in the crease of the eye, start to add by dabbing your medium icy blue shade to the center of the lid. Gently press the pigment from the shadow into the eye so that it effortlessly blends into the brown shade used earlier. Once covering the lid with this blue shadow, the base has now been established.

Moving in with the lightest blue icy shade within your pallet  (a white shadow will also work) place this color in the inner corner of the eye with a clean brush. The last step is to go back in with a darker/navy blue and blend this color into the outer crease—adding depth to the eye and helping to show the fading out of the blue color. Using a few different shades, blend the lighter colors on the inside corners of your eyes, and the darker ones on the outside. This technique gives your eyes extra dimension, making them really pop.

The Lips

Take any rosy mauve color in your collection and lightly tap this color onto the lips—providing some natural color. Then finish off the look with a clear gloss to make the lips look alive and photo ready!

The Products

For the eyes: Makeup Geek individual eyeshadows are perfect for mixing and matching your shades.  Blending the shadow creates a subtle halo around your eyes, and major wow-factor whenever you are close.

For the lips: Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glacé - rosy mauve.

For the face:

Concealer - Urban Decay Naked Weightless Concealer Complete Coverage

Blush - Nars in Torrid - coral with shimmer

Bronzer - Too Faced

Contour -Anastasia Beverly Hills

Models own bb cream


Nail Artist: Halle Butler

Makeup Artist: Taylor Colton

Talent: Lindsay Christie

Photographer: Annie Wu