10 Up-and-Coming Beauty Instagrams to Follow

By Jill Kligler

These days, it’s easy to get caught up in the number of followers on social media. New and exciting talent gets lost amidst accounts with millions of followers. Here’s a friendly reminder that high follower counts aren’t the only accounts worth following. I’ve compiled a list of ten emerging artists with less than 10K followers on Instagram. Each of these lesser known gems have a unique style that deserves recognition. These accounts are on their way up and if you aren’t following them already, you should be.

1. Joanna Abelas @joannamua_

This Australian beauty has a brilliantly creative feed that’s almost therapeutic to look through. She finds specific images, whether it be of a sunset or crystals, and creates a makeup look inspired by them. While I look at a cactus and see, well… a cactus, Joanna sees a beauty opportunity.

2. Chelsy Escobedo @chelsyescobedo

Source: Instagram / @chelseyescobedo

Source: Instagram / @chelseyescobedo

Chelsy is the master of lip art. How she gets the smallest of details on her lips is a mystery in itself. The level of her artistry has no limit, as each new post will leave you even more awestruck than the last.

3. Gabriel Maldonado @gabrielart31

I have yet to see Gabriel create a generic beauty look. His love for all things that sparkle is beyond question. He creatively uses glitter, gems, sequins and more to create his masterpieces—not to mention his glowing highlight which never fails to blind.

4. Antonella @beautybyantonella

Have you ever seen a cut crease so flawless? Aspiring makeup artist Antonella features bold yet wearable looks on her feed, each one being nothing short of perfection.

5. Bethany Fae @bethanyfae

It’s accounts like these that remind me why makeup is an art form. Bethany Fae uses her face as a canvas to create these remarkable, original looks. Her attention to detail and use of color establishes Bethany as an emerging makeup icon.

6. Shaniah @makeupbyshaniah

This self-taught artist is a blending genius and is always on top of the latest trends. Check out her Youtube channel for in-depth tutorials on how she achieves makeup perfection. I know I’ll be there figuring out how she does her eyebrows so perfectly.

7. Yamili @yamililuvv

Yamili is notable for her love of hair pieces and headbands that complement her makeup looks. She’s constantly posting new material that somehow, beyond my amazement, gets better each post

8. Sammy Slay @sammyslay_

Sammy lives up to his name because he slays in every single one of his posts. Being a makeup artist, photographer and retoucher, he does it all. Whether he’s posting pictures of himself or his clients’ makeup, his content never disappoints.

9. Ann @_makeupbyann

Ann’s feed has an esthetic that I could only dream of achieving. Eye makeup is her forte and you can clearly see why. This account has become my new go-to for makeup inspiration.

10. Nina @eating.beauty

Last, but certainly not least, Nina’s ultra-creative posts range from video tutorials to lip swatches to special effects makeup. Whether searching for everyday makeup or ideas for next Halloween, her Instagram is the place to be.