The Most Wearable and DIY-able Nail Trends from NYFW

By Halle Butler

Beauty is better than fashion in this one singular way: you don’t need to wait until the new season comes to start wearing the looks. The last two New York Fashion Weeks have us majorly inspired with some ultra-chic, modern nail art designs that are actually wearable. Some of these nail designs may be for Spring/Summer, but there’s nothing stopping us from whipping out the metallic polish right now!

While lots of revolutionary nail designs hit the runways, here are the trends that are actually DIY-able for the regular girl— no super long tips, extra brushes or professional expertise needed!

Metallic Nails

We’ve all been wearing metallic nail polish since we first started using any polish at all, but thanks to Oscar de la Renta, now it’s high fashion! The fall and spring collections both sported this ultra-shiny look that adds an eye-catching edge to an otherwise neutral tone. AKA, it goes with everything without being boring!

Source:  nailittrends

Source: nailittrends



The only thing we love more than metallics is ombre, and designer Michael Costello incorporated them both! Lead manicurist, Julie Kandalec created a gradient by painting each nail a different shade of rose gold. This look is as 2017 as it gets.

Why it’s easy: No crazy techniques or teeny brushes needed here. These simple, sleek looks are achieved by painting your nails the good ol’ fashioned way, just using metallics!


Manicurist, Michelle Saunders created an intriguing cat-eye look for Rebecca Minkoff by painting the nail with a metallic blue, then adding a deep purple triangle in the middle. The tapered vertical elements of the triangle design elongate the nail, so it’s a great look for those of us who aren’t hand models. Also, these deep moody hues make us feel ready for the fall season to finally come.

Source:  Essie

Source: Essie

Why it’s easy: These colors are close enough in tone that if you mess up your triangle nail art, you’ll barely be able to tell!

Jenny Packham’s ultra-British FW17 collection was complemented by this subtle rock ‘n roll nail design. Using a deep neutral purple paired with a beige, Julie Kandalec for Essie created an uneven, angular look towards the tip of the nail. As with Rebecca Minkoff,  the concept of a triangle shape towards the tip of the nail actually makes it look longer.

Why it’s easy: To paint this look, you only need to use the brush from the bottle! And the shapes can be uneven, so no perfectionism needed. Pick your favorite color combo and go to town!

Source:  nailpro

Source: nailpro

Negative Space (with Positive Colors)

Inspired by the mixed vibrant patterns in Tanya Taylor’s spring collection, Julie Kandalec for Essie created a swooping design over the clear nail. The two flowing lines of red and nude were made to look like two flowing pieces of fabric, creating the sleekest graphic manicure to hit the runway. Red too bright for you? This look was also created in nude + white, so it can be your new cool-girl alternative to the french mani.

Why it’s easy: Every nail is different (so you don’t have to be perfect!), and you only need to use the brush from the nail polish bottle!