Academy Awards 2016 Best Makeup

By: Dana Dworkin

The Academy Awards were only a few weeks ago, and the stars pulled out all the stops. Here are four of the best, and one of the worst beauty looks we saw on the red carpet, in no particular order.

The Best: 

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga wasn’t in a single movie, and she still owned this Oscars night with her amazing performance and her incredible red carpet style. Her soft, sultry eye paired with a pretty nude lip and classic Hollywood curls let her Brandon Maxwell jumpsuit speak for itself. If there’s anyone who is living proof that our makeup and hair mistakes of the past can be forgotten and we can evolve into beauty butterflies, it’s Lady Gaga.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner or real-life mermaid? We’re still not sure. Sophie’s hair color is stunning, and her makeup is sultry without making her look older than she is.  The girl is absolute prom goals!

Mindy Kahling

Mindy’s makeup look is absolutely perfect for this elegant gown. Her middle-parted hair is soft, yet pulled back to keep from overwhelming the dress. Her smoky eye and nude lip are balanced by a beautiful flush and glowing highlight on her cheeks.

Jennifer Garner

Somewhere out there, Ben Affleck is looking at this picture and kicking himself. Does the woman even age? Her hair is pulled back, but the added volume keeps the look soft and elegant. The full brows and subtle lip contrast beautifully with her smoky eye and jet black gown.

The Worst: 

Tina Fey

Oh Tina, I do love you so, but this look is doing nothing for you. This look is way too harsh for this flowing gown. Her over-lined eyes and straight brows add ten years to her face, and this hairstyle does not photograph well. Tina seldom makes such a misstep, so my hopes are still high!