Best Beauty Looks from Milan Fashion Week

By: Valerie Butler

They say fashion week is an opportunity to innovate— to innovate your look and your style. Milan Fashion Week, in particular is known for its elegance and glamour. This season, the runways in Milan pushed through boundaries of beauty by innovating our favorite beauty trends. Let’s take a look at the five best beauty looks from Milan Fashion Week.

Brushed-Out Curls

Old hollywood has been emulated time and time again, and this season Milan Fashion week encouraged us to brush out our curls for a voluminous and flirty look. Creating the perfect wave starts with embracing your natural curls and amping up the volume.

Messy Mascara

As a college students there are a lot of nights were we end up stumbling in at 3 AM and passing out on the floor (or if you’re lucky, the couch). If this sounds familiar, you’re also well acquainted with the morning after repercussions: smudged makeup that for whatever reason is even harder to take off. According to Peter Philips, the makeup artist for Fendi, smudged eyeliner and messy mascara shouldn’t be a nightmare, it makes for a edgy and effortless next day makeup style. 

Sexy Eyeliner

For most of us, waking up 15 minutes before our 8 AM is a daily occurrence. We freak out, throw on something relatively stylish, quickly apply eyeliner to our upper lid so we don’t look so tired, and we’re out the door. But if we had more time to perfect our eyeliner routine, why not try something new? Sexy eyeliner was one of the most consistent beauty trends on the runway this season. Makeup artist Pat McGrath says the secret to sexy eyeliner is keeping foundation away from the eyelid and tracing both the upper and lower waterlines. 

Disco Eyes

An unexpected beauty trend in Milan this season has to be what we’re calling “disco eyes”. The trend was found on the both, Jil Sander and Roberto Cavalli runways, as well as Georgio Armani's in conjunction with grey brows. This look can be created by either adding a touch of silver eyeliner or covering your lid in metallic shadows. 

Vampy Lips

We’ve all heard the saying, “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” but that's no reason to neglect the rest of your face. Models on the Marni and Dolce & Gabbana runways showed us just how important lips are to creating a cohesive look. Going along with the Old Hollywood glamour, berry colored lipsticks are an excellent way to refresh your makeup. If you’re interested in this trend, opt for Mac’s Lipmix in Crimson or Kat Von D’s Ripe Blackberry liquid lipstick.