Up & Coming Brand Spotlight: Glossier

By: Karli Brush

Skincare is confusing. There are a zillion products out there and it’s overwhelming and if you're like me you're never quite sure if what you’re using is the right product for you or if it’s even working. 

Glossier is the solution to this confusing jumble of skincare products. 

Glossier is a line of skincare and beauty essentials developed by Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss. Since the line was developed by beauty editors, they have tried it all so they know what’s good. The idea is to have a super edited collection of staples that work for you and your skin. Their products are for real girls and they're easy to use, affordable, and super cute. 

My favorite part about the brand is that it is incredibly modern and based on today’s internet and social media culture. They have a highly developed brand identity and know how to work it. Follow them on Instagram (@glossier) for daily inspiration and notice of their newest products. Their main source of advertising is on social media, and all the cool girls are using their products. The biggest perk of being very social media based is that they are in constant communication with their customers, so they develop their products based on what the customer wants.

Highlights of the brand:

Their packaging is perfectly minimalistic and beautiful. 

You get super cute stickers with every purchase. 

The website gives you a full breakdown of the ingredients in the products. 

The products work on all skin types, even acne prone. 

Their products don't break the bank. 

My Faves: 

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Priming Moisturizer

Perfecting Skin Tint