Analyzing the Non-Touring Trend

By Elise Borja

As a self-proclaimed beauty addict with an obsession for highlighting and contouring products, I was very skeptical about the "non-touring" trend. Websites like Refinery29 and PopSugar claim that this makeup trick is a must-try, and state that it's the key to looking like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid—but how true are these claims, and should we all begin flocking to Sephora for new "non-touring" products?

Non-touring is essentially strobing, a technique that applies highlighter on the highest points of the face, yet is suitable for everyday wear to class or work. Well, as great as it sounds—and as much as I would love to look like Kendall or Gigi—the writers of these articles forget that we aren't all gifted with naturally high cheekbones (as seen in my self portrait below). If you're anything like me, you feel like an egg compared to these women, thus contouring is essential!

If you are gifted with naturally perfect cheekbones, congrats! You're a goddess and I envy you. Regardless, strobing or non-touring can add a luminous touch to your face that leaves you glowing from the inside out. Whether you decide to contour or not, do not be fooled by the beauty and fashion industries that rename trends in order to make more money off of us millennials (I'm still not over how much money I spent on ombre, balayage and babylight hair treatments, only to discover they are all almost the same thing). Long story short: highlighter is an amazing beauty product, but like everything else, proceed with caution and understand what you’re buying into!